A Jump Steeped in History

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A chance to skydive from Placid Lassie, one of the original Douglas aircraft involved in D-Day, 1944

In 2024, it is 80 years since the heroes of the Allied forces landed in Normandy and made the liberation of Europe possible.

The pilots and crews of the D-Day Squadron are taking this anniversary as an opportunity to commemorate the courageous missions of that time, with a very special tour.

Historic Transatlantic Crossing

Since mid-May, eleven original Douglas aircraft – a DC-3, C-47, C-53 and C-46 – have been on their way from the USA to Europe. Their arduous journey took them along the “Blue Spruce Route” via Canada, Greenland, Iceland and Scotland until they landed in Normandy on 6 June 2024. The squadron needed six days, almost 3,000 nautical miles per plane, about 18 hours of flight time per plane, 36 gallons of oil per plane, more than 1,600 gallons of fuel and 80 plus crew for this historic transatlantic crossing!

Placid Lassie

But what does this have to do with skydiving? Why are we writing here about flying legends when we sometimes like to call ourselves such? After many phone calls and emails, we managed to become a part of this endeavor and offer something very special to the skydiving community. Their lead aircraft, a C47 named Placid Lassie, will give us skydivers in Germany a very special honor on June 18 and 19. At the Placid Lassie Boogie in Tannheim/Memmingen, we will have the unique and perhaps last opportunity in Europe to jump out of this flying legend.

Organized by the Dolderer Family (Flugplatz Tannheim), the Drop Zone Flying Bones and Skydive-Nation.com, time will be turned back 80 years for two days in Tannheim. Placid Lassie – not a replica but THE original plane from 1944– will be dropping skydivers here, making airplane enthusiasts’ hearts beat faster and leading an event with historical character. Registrations from all over Europe leave no doubt: this will be an event steeped in history for every skydiver. The thought that we will be jumping out of an original airplane that came over the Atlantic from the USA and was already involved in D-Day and the Berlin Airlift is already giving us goosebumps! Lassie is accompanied by a squadron of DC-3s, turning the Tannheim airfield into a living museum.


The organization with the owner of Placid Lassie, the Tunison Foundation, is running absolutely smoothly. For the crews, the boogie is as much fun as it is work. We are really looking forward to celebrating with these brave men who fly across the Atlantic in 80-year-old aircraft.

Placid Lassie Supporters

You can’t realize an event like this without support. So it’s no surprise that all sponsors such as UPT, Sun Path, Alti-2, Jyro, Cookie, European Skydiving Symposium, Westerwings and many others were immediately open to the idea. Our thanks go to these supporters. Without them, we would not have been able to write skydiving history in Germany.

A festival atmosphere as well as history

Come and Play

Of course, a proper boogie also includes a suitable supporting program. A colorful skydiving community, parties, a raffle and a festival tent are just as much a part of the event as a campsite, exhibitor booths and plenty to eat and drink.

Anyone who would like to take part in this event, either as a skydiver or as a visitor, is cordially invited. The list of participants is already long, but we are sure to find time and space for an extra load. A shuttle bus from Corporate Driving Solutions will take us to Memmingen Airport and after a short flight we will be dropped off over Tannheim airfield. This all requires good planning, which is why we ask you to register asap at Skydive-Nation.com.

Living History

We are very much looking forward to two days full of living history, transatlantic friendship, many new Skydive Buddies and an event that we will all never forget. Now it’s time to count the days! We leave you with a ‘Blue Skies’ wish and a quote from the

D-Day Squadron’s mission chief pilot, Eric Zipkin:

“Our veterans are our window to the past, and this is a chance for us to continue honoring those who made sacrifices for the freedoms we have today,”

Eric Zipkin:
A jump steeped in history
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Meet: Florian Hartmann

Flo lives in Munich, Germany and has fulfilled a dream after 20 years in the media business, including at Sky and Warner Bros: To bring together expertise in marketing and his passion for skydiving. The result is Skydive-Nation.com, a start up online platform for everything to do with skydiving. With the vision of offering every skydiver, just like every business, the ideal platform to give our sport a big push and, above all, make it easier to find.

Flo learned to skydive at the Drop Zone, with which he is now also organizing this event, the Flying Bones in Germany, where he still jumps often.

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