Skyfam at Placid Lassie Boogie, 2024, photo by Stefan Koeppel

Placid Lassie Boogie – Unique

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This is skydiving history

I stand at the open door, a crew member gives me the command and I jump. So far, so good. Done that thousands of times.

But this is something special. Something unique. Something historic. Because I’m jumping out of a DC-3 / C-47 that was in action 80 years ago on D-Day in Normandy. Placid Lassie is the name of this good-natured monster.

The venerable old lady, Douglas C47, ‘Placid Lassie’
Photo by Nicolae Soare

Placid Lassie Boogie

But let’s start from the beginning. Because what I actually want to write about is this particular boogie as such. I’ve been skydiving for ages and, with more than 50 boogie participations, I almost feel more at home here than at home on the couch. And yet this Placid Lassie Boogie 2024 still brings a huge smile to my face!

It feels a bit like being a “guest of friends”. No matter whether it’s the 130+ skydivers from 9 nations, the local Drop Zone ‘Flying Bones’, the operators of Tannheim Airfield, the crew from Skydive-Nation.com, co-organizers of the boogie, or the many volunteers – this place, these two days, these vibes… this is what I really mean by Skyfam.

It was like being in a museum
Photo by Stefan Koeppel


Of course, I quickly bump into lots of familiar faces and the anticipation of two days full of living history grows. It’s also building in excitement because the organizers have somehow managed to make a deal with the weather gods! Yesterday thunderstorms, today sunshine and blue skies on the 18th of June and tomorrow midsummer of the boogie, then thunderstorms again. How does that work?!

After registering, we take the shuttle bus to Memmingen Airport. There we board the plane, because with 25 skydivers on board, the runway at Tannheim Airfield would be too short.

It’s like being in a museum. Every rivet, every metal plate smells of great world history. On the walls of Placid Lassie are the names of the brave men who were on board here in 1944 and gave their lives for the liberation of Europe. As if parachuting wasn’t enough to give you goosebumps anyway.

We sit on the floor of the plane. Through the door, which is always open, we can see two escort planes gliding alongside our DC-3. What a feeling!

Jumping Placid Lassie
Photo by Matthias Dolderer

Jumping Placid Lassie

The “jump order” comes over Tannheim. One by one, we receive the signal from a member of the crew: Exit!

I leave Placid Lassie with one big step. I’m immediately caught by the propwash from one of the large propellers, which is almost directly in front of me. It catapults me backwards, like a slap that catches me cold.

I look after the plane and think to myself: Hell yeah! What beautiful madness! I still feel this deep emotion even after more than 9,000 jumps!

The sponsors’ tents were a colorful hustle and bustle of happy faces. Photo shows Al and Pixie Hodgson, representing UPT and Cookie, with Flo from Skydive Nation, by Stefan Koeppel


Shortly before landing, the drop zone looks like a big festival from above. Hundreds of visitors have come to see Placid Lassie live. Plus all the skydivers. A colorful hustle and bustle of happy faces. Not forgetting the colorful tents from UPT, Cookie, Westerwings, Skydive Nation, Alti-2 and the party tent.

There’s hardly any room left in the packing tent between my fellow skydivers and all the adrenaline. Everyone here is slowly realizing what has just happened! That was absolutely historic!

Flo [Florian Hartmann of skydive-nation.com, event co-organizers] runs into me and I thank him for helping to create this beautiful experience. We get talking and I find out for the first time what his vision of Skydive Nation is all about. It’s a great idea that brings the whole world of skydiving together – and I realize that I really want to bring my company – I run a skydiving and BASE. school – into this project. I believe: It couldn’t be more of a win-win for today.

It couldn’t be more of a win-win for today

Tobi Scherrinsky

And it shows me that our Skyfam is more alive than ever before. Good guys, good ideas and good events in our sport. Perfect.

Three skydivers exiting Placid Lassie
Photo by Luise

DC-3, AN-2, Porter

Time to continue with the program and so I manifest myself for a jump from the Antonov AN-2, which is also here for this event. Of course, then one or two more loads with the Porter. After all, we are here to jump and not just to visit a flying museum.

All in all, I can summarize these two days quite simply: best weather, best people, best experiences, best vibes. And above all: everyone was safe, healthy and happy back on the ground.

If you ever have this opportunity: take it! The venerable lady Placid Lassie is not getting any younger!

Blue Skies!


Placid Lassie – best weather, best people, best experiences, best vibes
Photo by Stefan Koeppel
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Meet: Tobi Scherrinsky

Tobi is a professional BASE jumper and skydiver. With more than 9,000 jumps under his belt, he is an old hand at the sport and continues to celebrate great successes, such as:-
Participation in 39 national/international canopy piloting competitions 2003-2014.
Multiple German champion in canopy piloting 2006, 2008, 2011, 2012.
Vice European Champion in Canopy Piloting 2009 Klatovy.
Reigning World Champion Indoor Base World Cup 2011 Tropical Island / target jump.
Top 10 placings from 2007-2013 at various world championships in canopy piloting, in Florida, South Africa, Klatovy CZ and Dubai.
Multiple German champion in wingsuit performance flying.
Multiple record participant in Head Down/Up

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