A Mutant Story – Ep 1

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The one and only Justin Price, ace pilot in the PD Factory Team, embarks on his journey flying the Mutant harness…

A Mutant Story, Episode 1

Justin kindly documented every step of the way, imparting useful information with his characteristic style and humour.

Episode 1 shows his first jumps with the Mutant, getting used to that strange supine position, which he hated at first!

Video by PD Factory Team

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Meet: PD Factory Team

The PD Factory Team is comprised of world class canopy pilots who set out to bring high-speed precision canopy flight to everyone, in a way never before seen. As leaders in the sport, the team regularly competes and trains for various competitions, often representing their home countries in international and world championship events. They are also instructors with Flight-1: Ian Bobo (US), Armando Fattoruso (IT), Mario Fattoruso (IT), Pablo Hernandez (ES), Travis Mills (US), Justin Price (US), and Jesse Weyher (US).

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