Author name: Jacob Choy

Jacob is an AFF Instructor currently based in the US.  Having trained many years in classical music, Jacob immediately saw similarities when he picked up skydiving. He quickly fell in love with the physical and mental challenges skydiving provides, which led him to explore the process of learning canopy piloting and bodyflight.    Additionally, Jacob runs a weekly program to continue the learning of A & B license jumpers. By encouraging belly flying in a fun and educational way, he hopes to improve retention in the sport by building confidence through attainable goals.  Jacob is proud to jump a UPT Vector, PD's Sabre 2 135 main canopy and PDR 143 reserve, Tonfly 2X helmet and Vigil AAD. Jacob has also lived in Scotland, China, England, and Singapore. He loves traveling, trying new things, and connecting with people from different cultures. You never know when he accidentally books a flight somewhere!

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