Author name: Laura Galdamez

Laura Galdamez, D-41824, started skydiving in mid-2020 out of Skydive Spaceland Houston, which has been her home dropzone since. She has focused on formation skydiving since joining her first 4-way team in 2021 and currently trains and competes in 4, 8 and 16-way teams. Laura has achieved 7 USPA national medals in all four FS disciplines (4-Way Intermediate, 8-Way Advanced, 16-Way Open and 10-Way Speed). Laura also began focusing on big-way formation skydiving starting in early 2021. She currently holds 3 US TBS State Records (Texas, Texas Women’s, Illinois) and this event marked her first TBS World Record. Laura jumps mainly out of Skydive Arizona for her team training, and loves traveling across the US and internationally for events. She is incredibly grateful to her sponsors and is an ambassador for Alti-2 Technologies, Vertical Suits and Cookie Helmets.

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