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Juan Mayer celebrates three decades of Cypres with this beautiful video

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Meet: Juan Mayer

It has been a very long journey from when I first started taking photos to where I am today.

Since early 2000 Juan Mayer has focused on skydiving photography and videography. His passion for skydiving started in the army and grew to lead him to his speciality. He has over 10,000 skydives most of which was captured on camera. He has filmed many different types of jumps from wing-suiting over clouds to record breaking big way formations with 168 skydivers linked together in freefall.

Juan recently published his first book; Ultimate High which is the first specialized skydiving photography book produced in over 2 decades. It contains photos from many different places around the world most of them being special moments in his career.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina Juan currently resides and works in Empuriabrava, Spain, as a skydiving photographer and videographer. He hopes to one day share his passion for skydiving with his daughter Kira.

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