Algarve Christmas Boogie

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The 20-21 edition of this famous annual event on the southern coast of Portugal, was a sunshine success

Head-down fun over one of the most beautiful dropzones in Europe
Photo by Ralph Wilhelm

The Skydive Algarve Xmas Boogie took place from 20th December 2020 until 3rd January 2021…

5,829 jumps were made across 329 loads. The busy event attracted a mixture of nationalities from all corners of the world but the majority coming from Europe.

Being part of the Swallow Group dropzones the efficiency and organisation of the skydive operation is always second to none at Skydive Algarve! On top of this the Boogie goers got to spend their holiday at Europe’s most beautiful beach-lined dropzone. The DZ is 5 minutes from the fishing village of Alvor, which boasts lots of wonderful beaches, bars and restaurants, which the attendees enjoyed in full.

The Christmas Boogie lived up to its promise of jumps from 15K from sunrise to sunset from a fleet of four Dornier/ Super Caravans. The weather was on our side so jumpers could get in the air as often as they liked. Paradise!

The jumps were organised by TOP LOs in each discipline

Photo: Ralph Wilhelm


  • Hannah Parker
  • Marcus Budget
  • Matt Hill
  • Matteo Pezzatini
  • Petter Stensvold
  • Rikard Morgan
  • Roy Wimmer-Jaglom
  • Tom Mitchell
  • Zemi Abreu

Formation Skydive:

  • Billy Payn
  • Ralph Wilhem
  • Taf Mather


  • Amber Forte
  • Dani Roman
  • Helder Sousa

Camera & Boogie Awesomeness:

  • Willem de Groot (First Load Mafia)
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Meet: Lucy Douglass Davies

Lucy followed her childhood dream and moved to the sunny Algarve back in 2002 and has never looked back. She began working at Skydive Algarve in November 2014 when the Swallow's took over the dropzone. Along with her colleagues, Lucy takes care of the booking office and deals with everything marketing related.
She has enjoyed being part of the rapid growth and success of this wonderful dropzone which she claims has everything to offer for skydivers and newbies alike. When she's not in the front office, where you will find her most of the time, she's kept busy with her 3 beautiful children.

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