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Combing the power of WS technology and electric turbines…

Vincent Descols, Skyvibration and friends create the Electric Wingsuit

E-Wings – the Ultimate human flight project

Electric turbines combined with Wingsuit!

The pilot is at one with the wing and the compact thrust system. Thanks to the most modern source of energy, low temperature exhaust allow the 4 powerful engines to be attached to the body at chest level, for better balance and natural feeling. Inside the wingsuit, pilot’s position creates aerodynamic profile: he IS the wing. No fuel, no burning, just pure Energy.

  • Let’s built the new generation of Electric Flying !
  • Tech specs and the human story here
  • Skyvibration!
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Meet: Vincent Descols

Vincent "Le Blond" is an aeronautical expert and professional jumper, best known for his wingsuit BASE precision proximity flying. He is the architect of many world premiers related to human flight and is a Wingsuit World Champion.

Vincent is also CEO and founder of Skyvibration and E-Wings cofounder and pilot.

Vincent is sponsored by Squirrel, UPT, Parasport Italia, Vigil, Julbo, Jim Parachutisme and XSky

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