First French Wingsuit Cup

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The first official French Wingsuit Cup was held from September 11 to 13 at the historically Wingsuit-friendly DZ Parachutisme 71 (Chalon sur Saône). It was the biggest WS comp in 2020…

The podium for National 1 Acrobatics:
MaMa Wingsuit Team (1st), Fluidity Team (2nd) and “Les Bronzés chalonnais” (3rd)
Photo by Guillaume Brossard

The event was organised in collaboration with FFP, the French Parachutist Federation. Organized by Carl Chevalerias and Max Diebold, the competition will stick for long in the minds of many!

Participation and results

With 44 participants, it is the biggest 2020 Wingsuit event!
With 13 teams in acrobatics, it is also the biggest WS acrobatics competition ever. The current World champions, Fly Like Brick, honored the French wingsuit scene by participating in the open category.

Team MaMa Wingsuit during their final acrobatics free routine move
Photo by Flavien Mazzon

The competition was fierce in all disciplines and saw the rise of a newly formed team: MaMa Wingsuit composed of Matthieu Brossard, Max Diebold and Flavien Mazzon. They won in National 1 acrobatics in front of WS Fluidity Team (2nd) and “Les Bronzés chalonnais” (3rd) while also taking all 3 steps of the performance podium! Max 1st, Flavien 2nd and Matthieu 3rd. Congratulations to them!

All MaMa Wingsuit team members were on the podium for the performance competition – Max 1st, Flavien 2nd and Matthieu 3rd
Photo by Guillaume Brossard

In National 2, competition was even closer with “les Papas” composed of Arnaud Longobardi, Stephane Zunino and Olivier Basset winning with a short lead in front of Smilers and Suit Up!

In performance, Josselin Danjoie (1st), Gael Leblanc (2nd) and Guillaume Hochard (3rd) finish within 20 points of each other!

We can hope to see some of the more accomplished athletes move to National 1 next year.

Full results, scores and videos can be found on the federation website: https://www.ffp.asso.fr/online/v3/?publicScoring&idEvent=604&limit=FFP and on Skyderby : https://skyderby.ru/events/176.

National 2 acrobatics podium: Les Papas (1st), Smilers (2nd) and Suit Up! (3rd)
Photo by Guillaume Brossard
National 2 performance podium:
Josselin Danjoie (1st), Gael Leblanc (2nd) and Guillaume Hochard (3rd)
Photo by Guillaume Brossard


This first edition was also a great occasion to set new official records since 5 FAI certified judges were on site:

3 French performance records set during competition:
  . Distance: Max Diebold with 3811m
  . Speed: Max Diebold with 274.6km/h
  . Time: Flavien Mazzon with 95.7s

3 acrobatic records:
  . World and European record of most points: Fly like Bricks team with 32 points (video)
  . French record of most points: Fluidity team with 20 points (video)

The event got blue skies all weekend and had no cutaways or other incidents to report :). 

Max Diebold established 2 new French Records during the competition – speed and distance
Photo by Flavien Mazzon

So what’s next? 

If the competition showed anything it’s that France has a lot of motivated, serious, safe and skilled wingsuit pilots willing to compete. Some discovered the competition formats and what it can bring to their sport, others would love the chance to represent France officially at the World Championship next year in Russia.

After all, it was in France that the first modern suits and pilots were born! 

The biggest WS comp of 2020
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Meet: Matthieu Brossard

Matthieu is a passionate wingsuiter and coach from France. He lived and jumped in Mexico and the US for 5 years, is now back in France and part of MaMa Wingsuit, a competition team.

In his skydiving achievements we can mention the Illinois Wingsuit Formation record (27 wingsuits), a participation to 2018 World Wingsuit Formation record attempts (85 wingsuits), a third place in Wingsuit performance at the French Nationals along a first place in acrobatics.

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