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The Story of Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld

Dan BC reflects on surviving a plane crash in 1992… and how it felt to win the World Championships a few years later

Joey Killeen, Filmmaker

So excited to finally be sharing this incredible story with you all, Dan truly is one of the strongest and most inspiring people I know, and it was an absolute honor to create this documentary with him. This film was created for my junior thesis at LMU, however I will not be submitting to any festivals due to my choice of copyrighted music. I decided I would rather tell the story in the way I saw best, rather than creating a piece designed for any sort of festival submission.

Joseph Killeen


Freefall – a short film by Joseph Killeen
Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld, Manager, Skydive Perris

Joey Killeen, a film student at Loyola Marymount University, made his first jump at Skydive Perris in October of 2020. He immediately fell in love with our sport and community. As an enthusiastic 20 year old skydiver, with a deep passion for film and flying, Joey started making fantastic promotional videos for Skydive Perris. For his Junior Thesis production he made this 10 minute documentary based on my story. I don’t know what to say. Thank you Joey.

Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld

FreeFall Credits

Directed, Shot, Edited, Color Graded, Mixed by Joseph Killeen

Featuring Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld

Archival Aerial Footage Shot By: Norman Kent, Ricard Stuart, Mary Pat Avery, Jonathan Griggs, Charlie Tucker, John Craig, John Leming, Joe Jennings

Aerial Footage By: Norman Kent, Craig O’Brien

Freefall Title By Dean Rose


  • Wake Up – Arcade Fire
  • I’m Right Here – Theodore Shapiro
  • Conan Cab – Theodore Shapiro
  • Pub Decision – Theodore Shapiro
  • Walter Time – Theodore Shapiro
  • Time & Life – Theodore Shapiro
  • Quintessence – Theodore Shapiro

Special Thanks to: Bob Compton Céline Pelletier, Norman Kent, Craig O’Brien, Skydive Perris, Gold State Gear

To learn more about Dan’s Story, go read his book “Above All Else” , available on Amazon here

More films by Joseph Killeen here

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