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SkyFlyers – In Search of the Perfect Jump

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A movie by Gustavo Cabana

 A group of 9 high level free flyers, all from different countries, met to make 30 jumps, create cool visuals and give interviews to tell their relationship with the skydiving world… 

Gustavo Cabana’s Concept

I have been flying cameras for 33 years and always wanted to make a movie about skydiving, not only to show how amazing to jump out of planes is, but also to show the so-important relationship between skydivers and drop zone owners / pilots, since ones will not exists without the others. In this first chapter, we had the pleasure to be joined by an amazing group of flyers: Aurel Mrqt from France, Dani Roman from Spain, Floris Drevel from the Netherlands, Jesse Jaber from the United States, Lamberto Micangeli from Costa Rica, Oscar Asfura from Chile, Petter Stensvold from Norway and Rodrigo Cotô from Brazil. Thank you guys!!!

Filmmaker Gustavo Cabana, photo by Mariana Franceschetto

As you can see we’re all from different countries (I’m from Argentina), and that’s because we wanted to show how international and diverse skydiving is (unfortunately we didn’t include any women in this chapter but we will in the next ones!) All this wouldn’t have been possible without the collaboration of Fer Felicioni from Xpro, filmmaker and editor with decades of experience, Iván Cueto, Skytime DZ owner and pilot, who embraced the project and believed in my vision from day 1 along his partner David, and my love, Mariana Franceschetto, always a firm believer, supporter and co-producer of the film.

Hope you enjoy it!

Short film by Gustavo Cabana, read more about this amazing cameraflyer here: Catching up with Gustavo Cabana
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