Full Camera Helmet Build

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Interested in building your own camera helmet but no idea where to start?

Camera Helmet Build Video – by Byrd’s Eye Studio

From Byrd’s Eye studio…

I documented the entire process of the camera build from start to finish to hopefully answer all your questions.

Direct links to all the components and tools used can be found below.

If you have any questions about your own helmet build or something I didn’t address in the video please feel free to reach out.

Thank you!

Thanks to all the companies that supported this project:

  • Cookie Helmets – Cookie Fuel, Dual Top Mount, 2 Liquid FlatLock
  • LB Altimeters – Protrack II, Ares II
  • HYPOXIC – Concentric Pro Kit, Hypeye Alpha
  • The Ranch PRO shop – Pro Mouth Switch
  • Schier Concepts – GoPro Upside-Down Frame
  • LiquidSky Sports – Camera Suit

Helmet Build Components


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Meet: Elliot Byrd

Byrd’s Eye Studio
35 years old
Licensed in 2011 with 4,700 jumps
Primary discipline: camera flying

4 way: SDMW NEXT
8 way: Airspeed XP8

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