G4 Review by SDC Core

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Jason Russell and Stephanie Strange modelling their G4s
Image by David Wybenga

G4 Review

SDC Core, World Champion VFS team review the G4 helmet by Cookie

Everyone’s talking about the G4 Helmet by Cookie. SDC Core were among the first to get their G4s, we asked the guys what they think…

Stephanie – the only helmet I want to wear

“The G4 is a great upgrade to an already pretty great helmet.  The added safety protection is worth the additional bulk.  The visor opens and closes much easier.  Not having to replace broken rubber band is awesome.  Being able to open or close the vents as I want is great. It does take getting used to.  The first few days it seemed hard to put on and take off but it wasn’t hard it is just different.  It also felt too bulky and like it was squeezing my head too much but after a couple days of wearing it that didn’t bother me either. Now it fits like a glove and it’s the only helmet I want to wear.  I ended up wearing my a different helmet for a weekend and immediately wanted to go back to the G4 for its quietness and protection.”

Stephanie Strange 

Jake – Confidence

“I’m really enjoying the G4 and the confidence it gives with the added protection! I’m also loving how quiet it is and how the face shield seals. Absolutely love this thing!”

Jake Jensen

Jason and his G4 helmet

Jason – Raising the bar

“Cookie continues to raise the bar. A decade ago they revolutionized the skydiving helmet world with a new style and shape that finally allowed for good communication between jumpers. This year they do it again with the added protection that jumpers were asking for, while diminishing nothing from previous models. Their innovations will again set the standard for the rest of the industry. Well done Cookie.”


Dusty – Quiet and Comfortable

“Love how quiet and comfortable my G4 is when I’m flying in the tunnel and sky! It’s super nice to have vents I can open or close.  Love the fact it’s impacted-rated to protect my headed better when team training and coaching in the tunnel.”

Dusty Hanks

Sam – Great protection

“The G4 is super quiet and comfortable. It offers great protection without having to have the entire front portion hinge open. Large audibles like the Protrack fit comfortably as well.”

Sam Lendle

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