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Rob Jonson, the mastermind behind the genius app Skydive Designer, listened to all your feedback and improved his application!

Announcing Skydive Designer 2.0…

Slotting is massively updated

It’s about a year and a half since Milko asked me to build an app that would let him ‘drag skydivers into formations’.

In that time, I have started the journey as a ‘proper’ organiser myself, and have shadowed Milko at a handful of events. All with Skydive Designer in hand plotting out designs and slotting jumps.

Version 2.0

Using the app ‘In Anger’ has been a fantastic way to see the pain-points and find ways to improve it. There is lots more that I’d love to build in the future – but version two is a big update, and I think it will make a lot of users happy 🙂

I noticed I was constantly reaching awkwardly to the top of the screen to change point – so there is a new points ‘toolbar’ constantly available at the bottom right.

I kept wanting to select groups by ‘drawing round’ them. You can do that now.

Video Demo: Select groups by ‘drawing round’ them

Skydive Designer Version 2 – Just draw round your skydivers to select lead and trail aircraft!

I realised that I was dropping formations – then rotating them to face the center. That can be automatic.

Slotting is massively updated. Much easier to set up your planes. You can show who is a floater, and the app remembers your plane setup when you start a new jump (you probably have the same planes all weekend).

You don’t have to fully slot the jump – just draw a line around the ‘Lead’ and ‘Trail’ to allocate slots to them. Once you have put your people in place (let them choose their slots, then quickly drag their names into the right places), you can print your manifest on a tiny receipt printer and hand it over to the DZ. And of course – that includes your camera flyers too.

All this is ‘Battle Tested’ and driven by user feedback. Please keep that coming 🙂

Cool 3-point 80-way plan designed for the TBS event at Skydive Perris

Skydive Designer 2.0 – new features:

  • New bottom toolbar – with point controls at the bottom right
  • You can select groups by drawing a line around them
  • Reorder points
  • Specify number of floaters on each plane
  • Slot planes without specifying the exact lineup
  • Slot your Camera flyers
  • Print your manifest
  • App remembers your last plane setup & repeats it by default
  • Editing planes & people simplified
  • Option to drop formations automatically facing the center
  • Lots of minor fixes & improvements

Further Info

Skydive Designer App website

Skydive Designer at the App store here

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Meet: Rob Jonson

Skydiving since the glory days of the WFFC. Multi-national CRW gold medals. Several bigway world records. Current custodian of the No Jumpsuit BFR. Creator of Skydive Designer. Proudly sponsored by Aerodyne.

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