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Skydive Designer is an App that makes it easy to create beautiful skydives

Thanks to a sponsorship deal, anyone can download the Club Version for free…

Free Club edition

Aerodyne are now sponsoring Skydive Designer – and one of the things they’re offering is a new 100% free Club edition.

If you’re organising smaller jumps with up to 14 skydivers, then Skydive Designer is now completely free for you to use. That includes the App (iOS/MacOS and the online version). I hope that this will bring a whole new group of organisers to Skydive Designer.

The free app can be used to create freefly, wingsuit and canopy formations of up to 14, as well as traditional FS. It’s a great way to check the app out.

Skydive Designer App keeps track of slotting and creates manifest sheets

Who is it For?

The Aerodyne club edition is perfect for organisers of smaller groups who would like to be on their way to “international professional organiser” status!


If you’re organising walkups at your local drop zone, you’re a casual coach who occasionally puts a group together or perhaps you’re just starting to dabble in organising – then the free version is perfect for you. You can download it for nothing from the Apple App store and just start designing jumps.

Equally – if you’re not an organiser, but you want to experiment with designing jumps, or simply saving jumps that you have seen to examine how they work, then Skydive Designer is a fantastic tool to get started. You can easily see the symmetry in your jumps, and visualise the transitions to see whether they make sense. And of course, you can check whether the jump rolls back round to the top nicely from the final point!

Big-way jumpers

The second group who will benefit from Aerodyne’s free club edition are participants in big-way skydives. If the organisers of the event have designed the jump using Skydive Designer – then all participants can download and study the jump on their android phone, iPhone, iPad or Mac.

This is particularly great for freefly events as participants can now use the brand new ‘Freefly flip’ feature to flip the design and help them visualise both the head-down and head-up perspective.

The Freefly Flip helps you view and visualise the jump in head-down from your perspective

Using Skydive Designer

I started load organising formal groups as I launched Skydive Designer – so a lot of what the app does is based around my personal learning curve. I found that it was hugely helpful in letting me visualise the jumps I was creating, and allowed me to see potential problems and figure out transitions. 

It was also very useful for the individuals on my loads, who could look at the designs (on their own phones) and get a much better understanding of the overall shapes they were trying to build.

It’s easy for participants to get lost in their own slot and not see the symmetries that you’re trying to create. When they can see the picture and the transitions – it makes it a lot easier.


Below is a neat 14-way designed and shared in the app (click the blue arrows for next points). That’s just one of the library of available jumps that you can download and re-use. I hope you’ll also upload your own jumps for other organisers to use.

Free Read-Only mode for Big Way

The Aerodyne Club Edition also has a read-only mode for bigger jumps. This lets you download bigway jumps to your iPad. You can examine the slotting and play the transitions. This is perfect for big-way participants, and provides another way to view jumps alongside the website.

Aerodyne are sponsoring Skydive Designer for 2022 and 2023. Thank you Aerodyne for the support, and for making this tool available for all 😃


Here is the planned 3-point jump for the Total Break Sequential World Record, to be held at Skydive Perris in October 2022 (click blue arrows for subsequent points).

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