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Our friend Sean Chuma breaks down the TARD-OVER, for experienced BASE jumpers

How to Tard-Over

This video builds on the first part, “How to TARD


  • Wind conditions MUST be no wind or slight headwind
  • Tailwind = BAD!
  • Don’t get wrapped up
  • Not the best heading performance, so keep this to bridges

Key points

  • Prepare canopy for a TARD as in video 1, How to Tard
  • Don’t get canopy snagged on the bolts
  • Pinch the tail and put the canopy over the rail first
  • Climb over with right leg first and turn to the right (mirror if left handed)
  • Hold on with your left hand the whole time
  • Hold canopy down and a little in front
  • Sort that stance – keep shoulders square
  • Find focal point about 45 degrees down
  • Dive over the canopy towards that focal point
  • Push hard
  • When feet past vertical let go of the canopy
  • Pull hands out to the sides
  • Get training in person

Get your TARD on! 

Image by Sean Chuma

Professional instruction

NB: These videos are for advanced BASE jumpers only, they are not aimed at beginners. If you want to start BASE you need to have 200 skydives and then find professional BASE instruction.

Video by Sean Chuma, Professional BASE instructor


Sean Chuma: Interdimensional BASE instruction and exhibitions
Jason Ebelheiser, JPE Films

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