Aura 5 Wingsuit Released

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Squirrel Wingsuits release the fifth version of their all-round wingsuit, the Aura

The Aura 5 – Photo by Will Mitchell

A decade of peak Wingsuit BASE performance and race R&D has culminated with the Aura 5.  The A5 is the latest iteration in a series of suits that has changed the way we fly in the mountains, with increased speed, agility, and comfort over its predecessors.  

The addition of the MonoChamber makes starts more consistent, reduces top surface drag, and improves overall handling. As proven on other models released since the MonoChamber’s inception, it provides a triple net benefit: less drag, higher efficiency, and better handling. 

The MonoChamber is a design first developed for our race suits that quickly became a feature that we saw a tremendous amount of relevancy in nearly our entire line of suits. All sections of all wings are fed by any and all of the four or eight inlets, depending on the model of suit (4 inlets for suits without backfly inlets like the Aura, Corvid, Colugo, and 8 inlets for suits like the Freak, Creature, ATC, etc)  The MonoChamber for BASE-specific suits sees a tremendous value and advantage on the exit/start.  

Video: The Aura 5

Which WS is for you ?

If you’re still not sure which BASE wingsuit is for you, here’s our advice:

  • The all-around, do-everything suit for advanced WS BASE:  Aura 5
  • The easiest short-starts, and the most comfortable advanced suit:  Corvid 2
  • All you care about is start-glide, and you want the biggest suit:  Glider

For more information on wingsuit choice, see Which Wingsuit by Matt Gerdes

Flying the Aura 5, photo by Will Mitchell

Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what some of our WS pilots emailed us about the Aura 5…

The Aura 5 is very, very exciting. Comfortable to fly and I would say even has more ease of handling than its predecessors. I feel like I am locked in a broad arrowhead in the Aura 5. Precision and speed is what she does best. My new mantra is “speed is lift, lift is range, and range is possibility”. I’m stoked to see what’s possible with this weapon. I can definitely tell that you have trimmed the fat – everything that I felt could be holding the A4 back is completely gone with the A5. I am still very much on rails in it, but I feel more comfortable asking it to slip both into a steeper dive and make harder turns. The flare is more comfortable and seems to fly up the hill without feeling the energy lessen. The inflation and rigidity is rock solid, but is manageable and doesn’t feel cumbersome. It has a bit more in the wings on the reach initially but as you get closer to the PC it’s dreamy. I am very excited to fly this in the BASE environment and put it exactly where I want it. Nice work!

Jack Lane

Jack Lane in the Aura5, by Noah Bahnson

“What a machine! Achieved some pretty insane glide in good thermic conditions while maintaining great speed. The suit feels very well balanced and is extremely agile and versatile at steep angles. Found it relatively easy to get good short start performance. With a low stall speed the suit has an incredible speed range and its improved efficiency shows at flare time! I could easily reach the risers fully zipped up to apply riser control through the canopy openings. The mono chamber results in faster tail inflation & is likely responsible for some of the improved start arc performance… Oh and it flies really well on its back!”   

Ben Dicko

I’m really impressed with how the MonoChamber helps the suit for the faster start, loving it!!! Smooth for steep flying and I can feel a little more glide, in this line I have previously jumped my Aura4, and I feel definitely more glide with the A5. 

Alex Villar
Flying the Aura 5 at Shelter Cove

As a long time AURA user (almost 10 years!), I have been keen on the small things that make a BASE suit right. Short start arc performance, easy pull access, high glide performance, and steep dive ability have been the cornerstones of the AURA. New exits in the US have required a different planform with the CORVID due to technical landing areas and divergent glide paths. However, the AURA still provides the short start arc performance with the best possible performance available without sacrificing too much ease of use.  

The Mono chamber is a serious game changer in the BASE world. The even pressurization through the start arc is felt on every jump. Sub-terminal turns are made even easier for those looking for that sort of thing.  

I’m glad we have the Aura to be a suit for those looking for accessible performance in the BASE world, while the Corvid is for those who need the best possible margins for opening new exits in the backcountry and beyond.  

Scotty Bob

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