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Images and words by Ioannis Vlachiotis

Experienced skydivers from 32 countries had an amazing flying experience over the Egyptian Pyramids

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest monument on the list of the seven wonders of the Ancient World and also the only one left standing. For most, it was the ultimate dream dive and a once in a lifetime opportunity to fly over but also to land just a few meters next to the Great Pyramids.

This February130 skydivers were invited by the official organizers Mustafa Saeed and Mahmoud Sharaf (Skydive Egypt) to jump out of the giant Hercules C130 plane (15000ft). Load organizer the legendary Herman Landsman, did such an amazing professional job, making it all run smoothly without a hitch!

World champion flyers, experienced belly flyers, freeflyers, wingsuit flyers, great photographers, the largest big way formation ever happened in Egypt 23-way having the shape of the Pyramids (Milko’s group), the biggest Wingsuit formation over the Pyramids, but also 12 tandem passengers, had the time of their life in the air, over Giza landmarks.

While on the ground, jumpers were busy visiting the Egyptian museum, old Cairo, Nile cruise Luxor – Aswan , Sharm Elshikh scuba diving, having breakfast or dinner in their 5 stars hotel, and at the end of the event a surprise dinner on Nile Pharaoh restaurant boat over the nile with Tanora show (a guy turning around himself with a dress for 30 min!). 
The event was possible thanks to the cooperation of the Egypt Army, Egypt Air Force, Ministry of Youth & Sports, Antique Ministry, and the Egypt police.

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Images and words by Ioannis Vlachiotis

Meet: Ioannis Vlachiotis

Jannis is a Greek skydiver and photographer who loves the sport, and recording it for the pleasure of others. He takes great pride in his photography and has a flair for capturing the moment. He's always smiling and just makes you feel good!

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