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5 Canopy Questions Answered

Brian Germain guest stars on Skydive Vibes

Catherine Bernier asked her viewers what they most wanted to know about canopy skills

Canopy coach Brian Germain answers them in detail…

  1. Skills to master to be ready to downsize
  2. Tips for standing up your landings
  3. Accuracy – how to land where you want
  4. The best canopy inputs to gain or lose altitude
  5. How to start swooping

By Catherine Bernier, Skydive Vibes

Check out Catherine’s YouTube Channel, Skydive Vibes, for more videos.

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Meet: Catherine Bernier

Catherine Bernier is a young, passionate skydiver who has run her own YouTube channel almost from when she started skydiving. Her fresh approach, enthusiasm and understanding of how it feels to be a new jumper make her videos super-watchable and easy to understand for the early skydiver.

Catherine is sponsored by Rigging Innovations, who manufacture the Curv and by Cookie helmets. It's a testament to the quality of her work to achieve sponsorship at a very early stage in her skydiving career.

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