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What to consider when jumping a raft?

In this video, Mark Perna from Perndog Channel gives tips for jumpng with rafts, dolphins, unicorns etc, from real life experience…

  • Be sure you have the skill level for the jump, pay attention to safety
  • Communicate with the DZ and other jumpers on the load
  • Make good handles to hold onto the inflatable, especially a raft
  • Only part fill the inflatable, it will expand in the ride to altitude
  • Break off high, with a staged break-off plan
  • Protect your emergency & deployment handles when leaving the raft/inflatable
  • Be prepared to lose the inflatable
  • Have a blast!

By Catherine Bernier, Skydive Vibes

Check out Catherine’s YouTube Channel, Skydive Vibes, for more videos.

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Meet: Catherine Bernier

Catherine Bernier is a young, passionate skydiver who has run her own YouTube channel almost from when she started skydiving. Her fresh approach, enthusiasm and understanding of how it feels to be a new jumper make her videos super-watchable and easy to understand for the early skydiver.

Catherine is sponsored by Rigging Innovations, who manufacture the Curv and by Cookie helmets. It's a testament to the quality of her work to achieve sponsorship at a very early stage in her skydiving career.

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