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This picture is from this weekend!!!

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?!

This jumper was boarding the plane without his chest strap fastened
Always thread the strap through both sides of the buckle, and have a gear check
Image and sharp eyes by Angelo Declerk

A few tips that can save your life

  • Try not to talk and be distracted while gearing up
  • Don’t rush if you are a little late gearing up, the plane can wait a bit but try to avoid this
  • Students need to ask for gear checks !
  • It doesn’t matter what FAI license or experience you have, asking for a check is NEVER stupid
  • If you are not a current jumper, please ask for a check
  • While waiting at the boarding area, just simply scan your fellow jumpers (chest strap, pilot chute, RSL connection… )

You wouldn’t believe how many times I have spotted jumpers not correctly geared up.

Check your mates => you could save a life

PLEASE don’t ask or guess who this person is, I have already spoken to him. It could happen to anybody. Don’t let it be you or someone on your load.

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Meet: Angelo Declerck

Angelo is a Belgian FS and CRW enthusiast, holder of many big-way records.

He flies PD, UPT, Tonfly helmets, L&B and Intrudair.

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