Look No Parachute – Luke’s Famous Jump

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On 30 July 2016 Luke Aikins became the first person to intentionally skydive without a parachute or wingsuit. Here’s the story told in video…

1, The Jump – Live Broadcast

The jump footage aired worldwide – still gives us the willies!

Heaven Sent – Official No Parachute jump video
Sponsored by Stride Gum

2, Luke’s Story

Fascinating running commentary by Luke, to his edit of the Luke Cam and outside footage

3, Interview with Luke Aikins

His first interview after the jump

TODAY interview Luke Aikins


Luke Aikins aiming for the net
Touchdown for Luke in the net
Photo by Christian Pondella

Luke’s view just after touchdown, you can see his teammates under canopy
Photo by Luke Aikins
Luke and his team, family and supporters after The Jump
Photo by Benjamin Forde

Luke Aikins

Luke Aikins is a Member of the Red Bull Air Force, Professional Skydiver, BASE Jumper, Stuntman, Pilot Airplane and Helicopter, Aviation Expert,
You can follow Luke on his Facebook page,

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