Sabre3 Video Review

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The new PD Sabre3 canopy is quickly becoming a favorite in the skydiving community…

Editor’s note:

Mark Perna, who discribed himself as “an exceptionally average skydiver”, had the chance to jump the new Performance Designs Sabre 3 canopy. He presents in the video above, in a very charming manner, his conclusions.

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Meet: Mark Perna

Mark is an enthusiast skydiver based in Skydive Spaceland.
He ownes with his wife, Amber, also a skydiver, a small marketing agency that helps drop zones with getting tandem students through the power of video marketing - https://boomshotmedia.com.
They are as much as they can at the dropzone where they like to jump with new jumpers and give back to the sport as much as they can.

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