The Silent Killer
The silent but deadly threat that can go unnoticed until it’s too late...
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BODY Language
Using your body to control your canopy for perfect openings
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Finding your perfect canopy
How do you choose the right canopy for your style?
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Women’s World Record is ON

The P3 team is very proud to announce some record events for next year: the 2014 Women’s World Record (largest formation – official FAI record), event to be combined with Men’s World Record (largest formation – unofficial). 

 Dates are Set! 12-18 October 2014. Perris, California. 200-way (or perhaps 201?) for the women. Do you […]

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Teamwork Tips

So, you’ve joined a skydive team? You’ve taken the exciting step from fun jumper to competitor. Congratulations! You’ve just complicated your skydiving life by a factor of double the number of people in your team, at the very least. Rock Bands Skydiving teams are a bit like rock bands. They form for a variety of

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Canopy Course, York

I have been jumping for 17 years, in every state of Australia except Western Australia. I had heard so many good things about Skydive Express DZ so when I got invited to come and teach a canopy course I jumped at the chance. York York is a resort style dropzone with a huge custom-built hangar

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Flanders Club Record

Schaffen, a Belgian drop zone in Flanders, will attempt a new club record big-way during the weekend of 14 September, 2013. Luc Vereeken is organising the attempts, he has been hugely successful in previous years. In September 2012, the club built a 60-way over Schaffen. The formation had a wrong grip (by a guest British

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Getting to the BIG-WAY

It’s the event you have planned towards for a very long time… You committed 100%. You went to the camps; took time off from work and family; traveled to new drop zones; sat through endless dirt-dives; sat out some bad weather; got outside your comfort zone; kept your focus; fine-tuned your skills; made the cut;

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