People are Awesome –Extreme Sports Edition

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Heart-stopping, jaw-dropping, stomach-churning stunts


Compilation of the best extreme sports in the world:- code, red, jaws, teahupoo, X-Games , Nitro circus, bmx stunts and tricks, mx, fmx stunts backflips, wingsuit proximity, Storror Extreme Parkour, motorcross freestyle, redbull, World record Slackline, parkour, xxl waves, drone footage, skateboarding freestyle, GoPro, flips, Ocean Ramsey, supercross, base jumping, world record tricks, monster energy, world record backflips, tow in surfing, extreme building climb.

People are awesome, people are insane, people are amazing!”

A huge thank you to Barbie Sailers & the members of the band for making these Awesome tracks & for allowing me to use it in the Fear and Big Wave Surfing Compilations.

Video by Absolutely Flawless

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