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Patrick’s private skydiving party

Photo by Alex Klöckner

There is a beautiful Mexican South Pacific town that holds a unique charm, enchanting every visitor it receives.

This place is called Puerto Escondido, a laid-back town with a very relaxed vibe away from mass tourism, with superb weather. And as if that wasn’t enough; Skydive Cuautla runs a very smooth operation over there. You want more? Well, you get to land on a huge spectacular beach only a few steps away from the HQ.

Fortunately, Patrick Passe (yes, the one and only!) decided it would be a good idea to come and explore this paradise in person. He then started planning the perfect excuse to visit the venue. Only three months for preparation in a year full of events was no obstacle for him to put together an amazing group of 15 skydivers.

Photo by Alex Klöckner

It was like a private skydiving party. Sixteen Patrick-style skydives were made over five days with a very relaxed rhythm. Every day had a magnificent combination of fun, challenging skydives and spare time to enjoy the beach, the sun, and the exquisite culinary offering of the moment. Perfect timing allowed to close the day with a powerful sunset dive over an astonishing view, with cold beers waiting at the landing zone. What a climax! You could see the ecstasy in everyone’s faces.

After the stunning sunsets, it was time to explore more delights of Mexican flavors. The group bonded more and more every dinner; friendship ties strengthened vigorously over this Mexican experience. Cool jumps in an exotic site were promised, but everyone attending would agree that way more than that was delivered. “We have discovered a little paradise,” Alain said.

There’s no surprise to spoil… stay tuned, because this is going to be repeated in a bigger scale next year. It will be great to welcome you all into my beloved country!

Author Poncho, waiting to welcome you!
Photo by Alex Klöckner

Private Party Photos

All photos by Alex Klöckner

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Meet: Alfonso Saavedra

Poncho has been skydiving for 13 years. He is very passionate about formation skydiving and bigways ever since he started. He holds 3 current world records. Poncho is now determined to contribute to the growth of our sport in Mexico organizing events and encouraging Mexicans to participate in events abroad. While enjoying amateur 4way, he’s been coaching at his home drop zone Skydive Cuautla for some years now. During this time, he has led his fellow Mexican friends to set the current large formation and total break Mexican records. He also ground coached the ladies while they set their national women’s record.

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