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Tracking lovers have the new Sausage 3 suit to play with, along with the other awesome tracking suits from Squirrel

The new Sausage 3 tracking suit
Photo courtesy of Squirrel

The Squirrel tracking suit range has grown, and now contains several great options for every part of your tracking career and every type of tracker. 

Sumo 3

For beginners, the Sumo 3 is a great option. This is the perfect choice for your first season of BASE tracking. 

The Sumo 3 tracking suit
Photo by Mike Brewer

After that, you have lots of options! But the choice is easy, just decide where you want to go: 

Sausage 3

This is the lowest volume one piece tracking suit. If you want a more traditional one piece suit that is low volume and simple, the Sausage 3 has what you need. It’s all new, just released in summer 2021. 

The new Sausage 3 tracking suit
Photo courtesy of Squirrel

Mutation 2

More surface area, and a higher performance one-piece that gets into the category of “trackwingsuit”. It still has back fly inlets and is very fun to fly. If you want more surface area, but a playful and freefly-friendly tool, then the Mutation 2 is the one for you. 

The Mutation 2 tracking suit
Photo by Nic Scalabrino


Uncompromising performance. For the longest, fastest, highest performance tracking jumps out there choose ETMD

The ETMD tracking suit
Photo by Mike Steen
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