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Petter Mazzetta in his Vector, leading a track group over Maldives
Photo by @kleefshop

The start of the Northern Hemisphere’s jumping season was grounded by “pandemic hold”… kind of like a weather hold, but sticks around a lot longer.

Hence, much of our community are experiencing symptoms such as “shortness of season”… kind of like shortness of breath, but a whole lot less medically concerning…

Some major effects of this condition include, but are not limited to: recurrency jumps, less jumping overall, less time to order new gear this season, less time to jump said new gear this season, and less evenings spent around the DZ bonfire. 

In an effort to treat some of the side effects of this condition, United Parachute Technologies, better known for their harness container system the Vector, have managed to reduce their lead times to the lowest they have been in nearly a decade. Dare I say silver lining?

“I’m absolutely in love with my new rig! The style, the comfort, it feels like and extension of my body. Being a smaller thinner guy having a rig that fits snug as a bug is everything for my flying.” – Beau Kahler (Bobo Skiwattentatten)
Photo by REVEZ – Live Adventurously

What does that mean for you? 

It means that if you order a new Vector today, you will be able to jump it before the season is over (assuming your local DZ stays open through October). Those of you who have been jumping for a while probably all remember when Vector lead times were close to 40 weeks, so this is not an opportunity to pass up, as it will not last long! 

To place an order, visit uptvector.com to start designing, and get in touch with your nearest dealer.

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