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Airborne Ben puts a truckload of effort to make this first Ski BASE jump of the season…

He said it was worth every second!

I’ve never experienced anything like it

Don’t follow these tracks or you could end up the wrong side of a 1,500 foot cliff!

Enjoy this first episode of the Backyard Adventure Series – a series sharing all the incredible things to do in the place I’m lucky enough to call home. After finding this cliff last year it’s since become one of my favourite places to get nervous in winter – nothing more nerve wracking than skiing and base jumping combined! And what a location to have on your doorstep.

I want to give a huge thanks to Air Glaciers of Lauterbrunnen for not only facilitating our regular ski base jumping above their heliport, but also for coordinating our drone filming for this film in their busy airspace. Thank you so much!

Another huge thanks goes to Hannah C. for her epic drone shots of this adventure.

Video by Airborne Ben

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Surf a Highline with the Flying Frenchies

flying frenchies surf the line
Flying frenchies surf the line

For the Flying Frenchies, thinking out of the box isn’t a choice – it’s a way of life.

The multi-talented collective head to the Vercors mountain range in their homeland, where they slice through the air on a 600m-high highline, reaching speeds of up to 75kph zipline-style…

… before using their BASE-jumping skills to dismount with impressive grace and style. 

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