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Saturated colours combined with relaxed luxury and gorgeous sunsets, this is Ifuru Island’s Skydive Maldives

You’re not going to get many DZs with a view like Ifuru
Photo: Will Penny

The FlyWarriors co-hosted our very first skydiving event. Bringing decades of experience to our island, the event was one for the books. Guests were flown in on Twin Otter seaplanes. Upon arrival they were met by the welcoming team. After a smooth and simple check-in, pink golf carts whisked them away to their rooms for a refresh before lunch. 

Transport to and from the island on the Twin Otter Seaplanes
Photo: Will Penny

Our first day was a welcome day. After which we did gear checks and paper work and then started the jumping. Our 950hp Caravan rocket ship took us to 13,500ft each load. Jumping above Ifuru is breathtaking and offers some of the most stunning scenery imaginable. Landing on our world class landing area, which was prepared by landscapers, everyone was loving it! A short two-minute golf cart ride afterwards, and you’re back at the resort where you can enjoy an outstanding dining experience, swim in the sea or ride a floaty unicorn in the pool. 

FlyWarriors taking over the Maldives sky
Photo: Will Penny

Unlike any other DZ facility, Skydive Maldives resort has it all. We enjoyed sunset cocktails, ice bath challenges, spa treatments, diving, paddle boards or a classic chill at the poolside. The group which came out bonded and melted into one pot of awesomeness. Magic was in the air, literally. 

Imagine a first-time skydive with these views!
Photo: Will Penny

Our seven nights all-inclusive package includes domestic transfers to and from our island, all meals across an array of restaurants, beverages including alcohol and fifteen jump tickets. Winter is long and cold, with the skydiving blues hitting hard. Avoid this by escaping to Ifuru for some tropical therapy and enjoy what we have to offer.

Just push the magic button, only at Ifuru! 

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Article and most photos by Will Penny

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