Skydive Spain X-Mas Boogie 2023

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What an unforgettable experience!

The Christmas Boogie 2023 was an absolute thrill from start to finish! The event was filled with over 300 people from more than 25 different nationalities, fantastic jumps and great weather conditions. For any skydiver looking to make the most of their holidays, this Boogie had it all.

The impressive fleet of four Dornier G92s and the Caravan were in constant motion, thanks to the exceptional pilots who tirelessly provided lifts throughout the day. Ground control ensured everybody´s safety, while manifest worked in a hard-to-believe efficiency to get everyone on loads promptly with all five aircraft flying virtually non-stop. The packers were on fire, ensuring all rigs were ready on time, contributing to a seamless operation from start to finish.

The 27th of December of 2023 was marked in our calendar as we reached a new record: 1,403 jumps and 103 loads. Thanks team and thanks to all the participants to make it possible! Looking back now, it makes us be very proud of our team to be able to orchestrate a continuous 5-airplane operation.

Jumping alongside a diverse group of enthusiasts was an absolute pleasure, sharing the plane, witnessing smiling faces, and soaking in the positive vibes. To top it all, every night there was a social gathering, where skydivers got to eat the very tasty local food and share their experiences of the day. Skydive Spain´s Social Butterfly, Jeralee Cullen, also orchestrated both Christmas Eve´s dinner and New Year´s party, adding a perfect finishing touch to the event.

The majority of participants enjoyed over 6 jumps daily, with some making 9 or 10 to try and rival the Load Organisers! The buzzing energy and positive vibes kept the jumps flowing effortlessly, creating an atmosphere of pure enjoyment.

A special shoutout goes to Regan Tetlow. Once again he ran the raffles with mastery, providing a super fun time at the end of each day. And a huge thanks to the 30+ sponsors that contributed with great prizes to the raffle!

And last but not least, the amazing team of Load Organizers. This Xmas Boogie wouldn’t have been possible without their hard and stunning work throughout the whole event: Regan Tetlow, David Mochales, Flo Craciun, Piotr Noworol, Jakub Organista, Carlos Avilés, Simon Wandeler, Sam Laming, Max Martin, Chris Sears, Sandra Ahlen, Adrian Daszkowski, Hannah Parker, Bas Verstegen, John Ospinal, Tomic Kluzniak, Cara Felicity Pritchard, Réka Sears, Justin Ružić, Benoit Alziary, Joe Laming, Roberto Saddi, Sergiu Staicu, Remy Coulon, just … THANK YOU!

Anticipation is already building for Xmas Boogie 2024, where we look forward to reuniting with the amazing participants, LOs and our staff. Dates are already confirmed: 23rd to 31st of December, and registration will be open by the end of January. Stay tuned to our different social media platforms!

Here’s to a fantastic 2024 for everyone in the skydiving community!

All photos by Ben Alziary

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Meet: Elías Garzón López

Elías has been working for the Swallow Group since December 2012. Based in Seville, Spain, Elías is the Marketing Manager at Skydive Spain, and contributes in different ways to the marketing of the other Swallow Group´s dropzones: Skydive Hibaldstow and Skydive Algarve.

Elías enjoys working in such an energetic sport´s environment even though he does it from the back end. He is proud to be part of an amazing group of people who strive to serve the best and incomparable experience of skydiving to newcomers, beginners and expert skydivers.

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