Soul Flyers in Avoriaz

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There are a lot of flying species in the French Alps

Soul Flyers are one of them…

Flying Man through Ski Resort

Fred Fugen imagined this wingsuit line at the beginning of 2021.

What a surprise for people in the ski resort to see a flying man arriving at 250km/h right on them and going through the buildings on a 200m distance at 15m height from the ground.

Dropping from 1000m above Avoriaz-1800, he rushes with his C-Race from Squirrel, followed by his cameraman Vincent Cotte in a high precision flight. An amazing show directly from your terrasse or to enjoy from the road.

Keep dreaming and do what you love the most !

SOUL FLYERS DISCLAIMER : We are professional athletes performing technical flights after years and years of training. Please stay safe.

  • Flying cam / Athlete : Fred Fugen
  • Flying cam/ Athlete : Vincent Cotte
  • A Meeting Point Studio production for Avoriaz X Soul flyers
  • With the precious help of Avoriaz tourism office and the participation of Aurelien Chatard

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