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The Javelin Odyssey, one of the most popular rigs worldwide, has been further improved...

The Spyn System has a foam backpad designed to protect and support the jumper’s spine

The Odyssey can now come with an über-comfortable foam backpad called the SPYN [pronounced ‘Spine’], which extends into the side laterals and leg straps. The Spyn System has been designed to support the spine at all times for the jumper.

SPYN PAD System Details

Tom Parker and the rest of the engineering team have been working hard on the release of the new SPYN System for the last three years. The primary goal was to provide Sun Path containers with even more comfort for skydiving use using molded foam technology.

After several versions, field testing, and feedback from our Sun Path sponsored athletes we are finally ready to launch the SPYN System to the skydiving community. The SPYN System option is now ready to order on a new Javelin Odyssey container, it’s a selectable option on the online order form.


  • Molded SPYN back pad for ‘unrivaled fit and comfort’
  • Cobra Clips incorporated into the lateral system.
  • Internalized SLS system for an improved fit and increased sensitivity while under canopy
  • Redesigned leg pads for an improved comfort while in freefall and under canopy
  • This is by far the most comfortable container Sun Path Products have ever built.

What do the jumpers say?

A number of sponsored athletes already have their Spyn system, here’s what they have to say …

“The SPYN System option on the JAVELIN Odyssey has transformed the jumping experience, leaving us feeling fresh and energetic even after a long day of skydiving. “

Airbus, German 4-way FS team
Airbus, German 4-way FS team

“We did not think the Javelin Odyssey could get any more comfortable but the SPYN System option is a real game changer! It feels like First class just got upgraded”

Non-Standard, German FF Team
Non-Standard, German FF Team

“The SPYN System option adds more comfort to a rig that’s already the best fitting container we jumped! We love it!”

Red Bull team, Austria
Red Bull team, Austria

“This is hands down the most comfortable rig I have ever jumped.”

Doug Barron
Doug Barron

“The Javelin Odyssey already lives up to the highest standards of comfort and safety,. Having additional Cobra Clips built into the side laterals for Weight/Swoop belts as part of the new SPYN System option, Sun Path take it even to a higher level”

Roy Janssen, World 4-way Champion
Roy Janssen
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