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All you need is a head full of dreams and the willpower to chase them…

The first in a series of crazy projects by Machine Man

A few years ago I met a baby skydiver at my home dropzone near Bucharest. At first he seemed an interesting man. Then a bit crazy. Then interesting all over again…

For a start, he doesn’t want to be known by his name, only the moniker ‘Machine Man’. He started skydiving in 2016 at age 41, after deciding to face an old phobia – the fear of heights, because let’s face it, what better way to do that than learning how to jump from planes :).

In his past he faced many challenges, health issues (the most serious being diabetes) and injuries (broken back). Nothing stopped Machine Man for long and 5 months after the broken back he was back on his feet, running 30 km per day.

‘MM’ started dreaming of breaking the FAI European Exit Altitude record (currently 10,829 meters – set by Fraser Corsan from UK in May 2017), along with other Guinness Book records, and following his life motto “Per aspera ad astra” (through hardship to the stars) he got to work.

My life experience has proven to me that ‘impossible’ is not a fact, it’s an opinion”

Machine Man
Machine Man ready to jump from 6,500 feet

Suspended Treadmill

2020 was a strange year full of logistical and organizational nightmares, but where’s a will, there’s a way. The first success came just a few days ago, in January 2021.

The Machine Man ran on a balloon-suspended treadmill at an altitude of 2,000 meters! Machine Man is happy with the first successful project in the bag. The team has submitted the paperwork to the Guinness Book of Records. As we understand it, there is no official record category for ‘world’s highest treadmill run’ but for sure this is a world first, so fair play!

Suspended Treadmill Run

Video by Machine Man

And this is only the start. Machine man plans more crazy records are in the making. It’s only the beginning of the year!

With the attempt for the FAI European Exit Altitude record a few months away I can only wait to see what fantastical plans he has until then and for the rest of the year.

You can follow the Machine Man’s adventures on his blog, Facebook or Instagram accounts.

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Meet: Andreea Pistea

Andreea started skydiving at 16 years old and the step between hobby and passion was almost immediately made. Nothing changed in the years that passed.

She is a USPA coach, AFF Instructor, Multiple World Record holder in big-ways, former captain of TNT 4-way team and a Romanian Airclub athlete.

Andreea enjoys FS, wingsuiting and freefly. She flyes Sun Path, Aerodyne, Squirrel, Cookie Helmets and Cypres.

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