Team Training – 5 Ways to Save Money

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Training can be expensive and it’s easy to run way over budget. Try these cost-cutting ideas from Christy Frikken…

Perris Fury training for the Nationals
Photo by Wageman Skydiving

Here are 5 quick-hit tips you can do and still have all the stuff you like – great video, packing, coaching, tunnel, etc – without cutting to a super tight budget…

1. Use free resources

There are tons of free events, videos, and articles out there. You can get tons of free information by digging around the web and asking others at your local DZ. Look for free coaching opportunities, tunnel member nights, DZ bulk purchase options, etc. 

2. Try 8-way

Eight-way is fun and cheaper than 4-way. More people split video, coaching, and tunnel, so the economies of scale kick in. Plus, if you are traveling together, that is more chance to share rooms, cars, and lunch snacks.

Give 8-way a chance… it will surprise you 🙂
Photo Jason Reis at Skydive Perris

3. Screw the matching gear

Shiny new matching gear is fun and gives a team badass vibes. BUT it is expensive, so focus on getting good, not looking good. Save Money on the brand-new equipment and get creative for that together feel. 

Get matching patches on your jumpsuits or make cheap stickers. The same great team feels for a whole lot less dough! As an aside, my absolute favorite team T-shirts were made with sharpies and puff paint. They were funny, functional, and totally podium worthy.

If you do insist on a matching piece of gear – go colored helmets. Since most people have black suits and rigs anyway, it can look like you are fully matching on video.

Focus on getting good, not looking good

“If you do insist on a matching piece of gear – go colored helmets”
Photo by Wageman Skydiving

4. Everything is negotiable

Everything skydiving can be negotiated. That doesn’t mean it will work, but you should try! Talk to the DZ and tunnel about a team rate or even trading for organizing. If you are doing a season with a coach, ask for a deal. Make your video person feel a part of the team, so they charge less (or nothing). Even packers might negotiate.

5. Trim wisely

Pick where you spend your time with intention. For example, tunnel time is much cheaper than jumping. Of course, you wouldn’t want to chop out jumping completely, but maybe you can move the slider bar towards more tunnel camps (How much tunnel should I do?).

Don’t want 100% coaching? Keep the season coach at the tunnel and strategic jumping days. Maybe try remote coaching for days you don’t hire them fully. Don’t mind packing? Pack the last jump(s) of the day or on long breaks.

I hope these tips will help you have a frugal and fruitful team experience! If you have something I missed, leave a comment or shoot me a note on Facebook!

To get the best team rates, shop around and remember, everything is negotiable
Photo: NFTO, team training at Skydive Hibaldstow, by Martin Skrbel

For even more ideas to get maximum skills for minimum cash check out Christy’s Budget Booster article here.

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Meet: Christy Frikken

Christy Frikken teaches and competes in 4-way skydiving almost every day. She has been on many teams, including but not limited to SDC Rhythm XP, Perris Fury, Perris Wicked, Perris Force, and Perris Moxie. When she is not going fast herself, she is coaching others to go faster in the tunnel and sky. Check out furycoaching.com for more helpful articles.

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