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Babylon gave a strong and singular identity to the Burning Spring Festival, mixing skydiving, artistic creation and Burning Man’s spirit. 

Inspired by the « Burning Man » an annual festival that takes place in the Nevada desert, the fourth edition of this outstanding event took place in Empuriabrava, Spain, from the 1st to 8th June.


Burning in a few words ?

The Burning Spring goes behond a classic skydiving event. The spirit of this meeting finds its source in the Burning Man, sharing our love and passion for the sport without ego is the main drive of it all. 

The event begins way before the arrival of the participants with the construction of the Man, the buiding of the village which takes shape step by step until the last day. 

Caravans, food trucks, stagecraft, electricity, lights, sanitary facilities… We do it all… 

Year after year, more and more volunteers come to give a hand to the organisers, creating a spirit of creative sharing. 

The region also support and  gives a helping hand to the event.

This year, we have invested more on the sound system, giant LED screen, a huge scene and created the « Burning Spring TV » show !

As for the attendees, they play the game with more imagination each year, crazy costumes and a spirit connected to the event.

Crazy costumes by Martin Martinez

Did the festivities not slow down the jump rythm ?

Weather has been changeable and windy so we’ve had some « Stand-by ». The participants could take part of different alternative activities proposed. ( Yoga classes, Circus acrobatic coaching with Hugo from the Cirque du Soleil, Pool, DJ Sets) No time to get bored really..! On jumping days, some skydivers would rather party late and come to jump the day after in the afternoon ! While the early birds were filling up the loads in the mornings…

Burning Spring is not a skills camp and we want everybody to enjoy their time. That’s why loadmasters schedule are organised in morning and afternoon shifts.

Image by Martin Martinez

What about the parties at Burning Spring?

Every night has a theme. Aldo handles the opening night as a DJ, with the  « Correfocs » Band and their fireworks, the Spanish Giants, and Olav our Indian chief… and last but not least, respecting the tradition, the Man being burned down on the last day of the event.

Talking about skydive at Burning Spring…

We have various levels among the participants, and thanks to the many load organisers available, everybody has the chance to jump according to their skills and wishes. The sharing spirit gives us the opportunity to mix levels into groups safely. 

We also organise three Tunnel Jam sessions for all the Burners interested.

The Burning Spring is also open to non-skydivers: family and friends can attend and enjoy their holidays with us!

Image by FF Racoon

Domi Kiger’s words

Burning Spring: a festival where you can jump!

Burning Spring is a real special event on « planet Skydive ». Inspired by Burning Man festival, it’s exactly a place where you get what you put in. Creativity and eccentricity are definitely a must!

You can take my word for it, spending the last 10 years on boogies and camps; I know what I’m talking about!

A sound system that could make jealous any huge free party, artistic installations (sculptures, love boat, pimped English bus or street art…), food trucks that rock (Laeti… it’s been yummy!!!), a both professional and nutty video team and last but not least, some exceptional live performances, all the ingredients gathered to make an outstanding week.

That was my fourth Burning Spring and I can’t wait for the 5th edition!

On the skydiving side, we got an original line-up featuring some Freefly Gurus who have been developing the discipline for over 20 years! Of course THE team Babylon, Olav Zipser, Ippo Fabbi, Will Penny, Jasper Van Der Meer… Concerning the Wingsuit part, Marine and Vincent Descols aka Le Blond, organised jumps and stunts!

Stephane Fardel’s words

« This year, the event has been driven by a staff that showed admirable involvement and energy. 

  • Aldo Comas, « The Master of Celebration », for his performance between sky and earth,
  • JuanMa Ruiz, who led the construction and maintenance of the village,
  • Judith Ortiz, ( for being such a dynamic and talented organizer,
  • Barbara Holzer, in charge of social media (2 millions views… no kidding!)
  • Hervé and Cathy who built the « Man »
  • All the helping hands: Dimitry, Thomas, Claudio, JuanMa, Pestañas, Hadeel Al Far, Noe, Mick, Amaury… without whom nothing would have been possible… Love you!
  • The two video teams: The daily video with Sophie and her team and the successful Burning Spring TV with Nanfray and Murat,
  • Stefania Martinengo, for the daily yoga courses,
  • Hugo Noël, Canadian skydiver, member of the well known « Cirque du Soleil », who amazed us with a giant floodlit hoop demo and his acrobatic lessons,
  • Tora Tora, with Jasper Van Der Meer and Willem De Groot, for load organizing and of course having entertained us with their party with lots of DJs and art camp, they’re real event masters!
  • The « Correfoc » Band
  • Stefan Knaus, for his incredible sculpture.
  • DJ Aldo & DJ JayMo (Jason Moledzki) on a stage worthy of a music festival. 

I’d like to express a huge gratitude to them all. It’s been a privilege for me to work with such a team, once more I’d like to thank everybody! »

The sculpture

Stefan Knaus is a skydiver and a stone carver. He also works with Red Bull. He realised for the Burning Spring an incredible sculpture called « Freestyle ».

He came on the site one week before the event to prepare the gigantic granite block. During the festival, everyone was invited to try the tools on the stone block. That’s how a lot of people gave their contribution to the work of art. « The block won’t move until next year, the carving of the sculpture will continue in 2020! »

Image by Max Haim

« BUNGEE JUMP » from a wingsuit

« After the first « bungee jumps » test from a wingsuit a few days before, Vincent Descols proposed us to do this stunt during the Burning Spring. 

Stephane Fardel says after enjoying the experience: « Last year, Vincent offered us a wingsuit rope swing jump, this year, he came back with an innovation. » 

The lucky passengers during the Burning Spring were Stéphane Fardel, Domi Kiger, Aldo Comas and Cathy Bouette. More about the WS bungee here.

Image by Martin Martinez

The pool party

Tora Tora organized this party that began early during a windy day… no time to loose at Burning Spring! « The belly flop contest has been won by Noë Pottier who came back with the reddest belly… Thanks to his back flips! »

The Correfoc

The opening and closing ceremonies were hosted by the « Correfoc » band show (fire devils), with their firecrackers and fireworks accompanied by a big group of musician percussionists playing at the same time, driving the public to run into firecrackers like mad! « It’s a traditional Catalan show that fits perfectly with the Burning Spring vibes»

Next edition: 6-13 June 2020


  •  Ajuntament de Castello D’Empuries
  •  Babylon Freefly
  • Costa Brava Pirineu de Girona
  • Cookie helmets
  • Cypres AAD
  • Giconi  Street Wear
  • La Brava Beer
  • L&B Altimeters
  • Modern Camera Solutions
  • Paramag
  • Performance Designs
  • SD Empuriabrava
  • Terminal Zero Zaragoza
  • UPT Vector
  • Windoor Realfly

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