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Photo by Bruno Brokken

Hats off to Patrick Passe and P3 skydiving for a unique event! 

The event kicked off with a briefing by Dan BC and Patrick Passe where they described the event as ‘a ridiculous idea’.

Patrick was wearing a magician’s top hat but what we didn’t immediately know was how core to the event that top hat would become… 

Photo by Craig O’Brien

High end 72-ways 

Patrick and Dan shared the premise of the event with us – high end sequential or intricate single point 72-76 ways and that the jumps would be drawn out of that same hat, and after a completion (or at most 3 attempts) they’d pick a new jump out of the hat! They picked folks who had round numbers, birthdays, and special events to do the draws. Within minutes of the draw, we had the pre-slotted jumps on our phones thanks to Skydive Designer – thanks, Rob Jonson for the app and Jen Domenico for diligently sending the jumps each draw! Then we had only just a few minutes to see the jump sequence, visualize, and get right to dirt diving. 

Photo by Craig O’Brien

Amazing organization team 

Unfortunately, Dan BC had to sit out because of a shoulder injury, but they found a ringer to jump with us – Craig Girard! It was shared with us that the organizers had more than 12 jumps prepped for the fun about to be had. They had spent the prior day finalizing but the last 3-4 weeks preparing these jumps – such amazing prep work by the organization team which included Kate Cooper-Jensen, Larry Henderson, and Scott Latinis on top of Dan, Patrick, and Craig. The camera team consisted of none other than Craig O’Brien, Bruno Brokken, and Kristian Caulder. They captured every moment – whether in the plane, in the sky, or on the ground. Their professionalism is second to none! The stage was set – onto The Games! 

Photo by Bruno Brokken


Throughout the event 6 unique jumps were drawn, each with their own goals and challenges. Some were single formations, some were sequential. The jumps were primarily done with two Twin Otters, and two Skyvans, but you never know what can happen (slot an Otter, end up with a Skyvan 😉) but the team adapted to anything needed. Jumps were done from 16,500 feet AGL and the LOs ensured their sectors/aircrafts were prepared, jammed up, ready, and calm before exit. 

Photo by Craig O’Brien

Different challenges

Every jump the participants were placed in different exit slots and formation slots. Those on the outside moved inside – and those inside moved outside. It gave everyone a chance to do slots they were comfortable with, or slots they may not be as comfortable with. Despite all of these changes, the base maintained a solid fall rate for those on the outside, and we completed some very cool skydives. 

Donut/Open Diamonds to Stars/Murphies

8-way base to open base


Personally, my favorite jump was the one named “Jump 7” from Dan. It was one of the widest jumps I’ve ever seen, with a delicate center/base (Macho Nacho in 16-Way, AS THE BASE), and just all around fantastic to get built. The atmosphere at the event was friendly, fun, and electric. The now standard P3 happy hour plus tacos night was all sorts of fun. It was super enjoyable seeing the P3 and Patrick styles blended together again – we were able to efficiently and effectively move through the dirt dives including the formation, stadium, and exit frames. 

Ian’s Favorite
Photo by Craig O’Brien

Bring on 2024

As always, thanks to the organizers, videographers, Skydive Perris, pilots, manifest, ground, riggers, packers, restaurant/bar staff, and simply everyone that keeps us in the air and makes operations so seamless. Looking forward to the next time. This format was very interesting, unique, and kept participants (and organizers) on their toes! I look forward to seeing a repeat of this event in 2024, as it appears that is the current plan!

No fun was had at all!

Event Video By Kristian Caulder

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Meet: Ian Pedowitz

Ian Pedowitz, D-34298, is a skydiver whose home dropzone is Skydive Arizona. Ian has been skydiving since his first tandem in February 2012, doing AFF in June 2012. Ian has focused on Formation Skydiving ever since - training 4, 8, and 16-Way teams; as well as being a large formation skydiver since 2015. Ian has achieved 15 USPA national medals in all four FS disciplines (4-Way Advanced, 8-Way Advanced, 16-Way Open, 10-Way Speed) and 4 Large Formation Sequential World Records (2-point 202-Way, 2-point 219-Way, 3-point 217-Way, and 2-point 130-Way Full Break). Ian loves to travel for events across the USA and the world. He has fond memories of all the wonderful people he’s met in the sport and continues to look forward to participating in more competitions and events, while continuing to make lifelong friendships. Ian is grateful to all the coaches, mentors, organizers, and people who make this sport possible - you come for skydiving but stay for the people.

Ian is a LiquidSky Ambassador and happily jumps and supports the following gear:
1. Alti-2 Technologies Atlas as a wrist and audible altimeter
2. SunPath Javelin containers
3. PD Valkyrie 96 hybrid
4. PDR 126 reserve
5. Multi-mode Cypres AAD
6. Cookie G4 helmet

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