UP, UP and Away!

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David Blaine Ascends to 25,000 feet, under a Bunch of Balloons!

Like a childhood dream!

Have you ever had a dream so vivid you knew it had to be real?

David Blaine redefines magic once again for an unprecedented live stunt at a time when the world could use a positive distraction. David tackled his most ambitious and revolutionary feat yet – going to 24,900 ft, linked only to some balloons, putting his rig on at altitude, detaching himself after and skydiving his ass to the ground.

Simply one of the best skydiving-related stunts ever!!!

David Blaine Ascension – Highlights


Above is a 14-minute highlights video of the stunt, the one below is the full story. The longer video includes a very large range of subjects discussed by David with Luke Aikins, Skydiving Expert for this project, and Marques Brownlee, Science expert and Youtube specialist.

David Blaine Ascension – the full coverege

This production was filmed in strict accordance with all CDC and OSHA Covid protocols and safety guidelines including testing, social distancing, use of PPE, quarantining, disinfecting and good hygiene practices.

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