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On the announcement of VectorFest 2024, it was inevitable that I reflected on my first VectorFest experience, two years ago, which blew me away!

Photo by Roy Wimmer Jaglom

The VectorFest experience 

I was enjoying my first skydiving summer tour through Europe. VectorFest was my last stop, after spending time at other events in Slovenia, Finland, Poland, Norway, and Sweden. I was five and a half years into my skydiving career, and had only been to Europe once before in my life. I was really loving being on the other side of the world jumping and meeting so many amazing people. 

Summer Fun

Me being a #FloridaMan, I have never observed so many people celebrating the simple fact that it was summer, that we were all together, and having fun. It seemed as though there was a traveling circus from country to country, and if we missed saying ‘bye to each other on the way out of one event, it was all good, we would see them at the next. By the time VectorFest rolled around, “goodbyes” from the prior events were skipped, as the gang would be back together soon at Skydive Stockholm, in Gryttjom, for VF22. 

VectorFest 2022, at Skydive Stockholm


Upon receiving the opportunity to be an organizer at VectorFest (and also having the biggest freaking head on the poster), I definitely felt a bit of pressure. I had never organized at an event of this magnitude, and frankly, I was probably the least known organizer out of all of them. Nonetheless, I was just honored to be sitting at the big kids’ table alongside so many of my role models in the sport. 

Getting in touch with your spirit animal

The beginning

As day 1 began, my nerves quickly shook off. I was welcomed to the Vendor Village PD and UPT tents with the pleasant sounds of “Guten Morgen” playing in the background. Breakfast was served with a smile by the loveliest volunteers. The participants were excited, as the weather looked to be perfect for all five days of the event. Some nice guy came up to me and said, “Me and my friend like your mustache, will you lead us on a jump?!”

Madness with the prize ball drop!


All that energy propelled me through the rest of the event. There were dance contests, Vector rig raffles (to see someone win a free rig is priceless), DJs, beatboxing, and some of the funniest day tapes I’ve ever seen. I’ve never experienced an event where I could be so much of myself, so easily. That made it even easier to dress up as my ‘spirit animal’ for the last party of the event.

It was an easy confirmation that this event isn’t about having a Vector rig on your back… it’s about bringing the whole community together. Regardless of skydiving disciplines, rig manufacturers, jump numbers, or goals in the sport, this event is for everyone. It is to celebrate us!

I’ve never experienced an event where I could be so much of myself, so easily

Behind the scenes

It was interesting to be exposed to the “behind the scenes” vibe of the festival. There is a TON of work that was all done by skydivers, who definitely DIDN’T have to be there, but still chose to. As much as we would like to think everything was systematically intact, there were speed bumps of course. All these obstacles were attacked with a smile. As I said, it was summer, we were all together, and were having fun. Guess it’s relatively easy when you have an established event like VectorFest and a terrific, committed team. It really is a testament to all the supporting sponsors and individuals behind the scenes. I was honored to be a part of VF2022, and cannot wait for VectorFest2024!

Photo by Roy Wimmer Jaglom

Vector Fesival 2024

Get used to saying ‘Ciao’ as ‘Hello,’ because we are going to Skydive Fano in Italy! If you’re not familiar with this dropzone and the views it provides, well, it is time you had a look. The place will have you saying “Al Dente” at altitude, even though that saying has nothing to do with the spectacular views. As well as the beautiful scenery, the dropzone has bunkhouses, showers, restaurants, and everything you will need to feel right at home for a week. 

The coast and sea views from Skydive Fano are spectacular

The Vendor Village will be showing out, with the big sponsors being UPT, PD and Vigil. Multiple planes will be ready to take you up as many times as you want. Whether you have 100 jumps or 10,000, there will be organizers of all types ready to host skydives unique to your experience level. I personally did everything from belly jumps, angle jumps, Mr Potato Jumps, to even some flocks!

Did we mention epic parties?

2024 – or wait till 2026!

VectorFest is only hosted once every two years, which really allows the amazing coordinators and planners to outfit this event for everyone. So, this is one that you do NOT want to miss. Stay tuned to the @Vector_Festival on Instagram for announcements on all organizers, parties, and more! 

I look forward to seeing you all this summer in Italy. 


The Vector Festival is sponsored by UPT, PD and Vigil
Photo by Felix Wetterberg

VectorFest 2024

2-6 July 2024


  • Anna Moxnes
  • Inka Cagnasso 
  • Domi Kiger
  • Petter Mazzetta
  • Pete Allum
  • Hannah Parker
  • Vincent Cotte
  • Luis Prinetto
  • Stephane Zunino

The above are confirmed to date, more are being added weekly, so keep checking the Vector Festival website

Day Tape from Vector Festival 2022

You can find more VectorFest day tapes on UPT’s YouTube channel

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