WWWR’23 – A Women’s Wingsuit World Record Story

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Behind the scenes; a look back on the goals, challenges, and successes from the participants in the women’s wingsuit world record, along with what’s exciting looking ahead for the wingsuit community…

Women’s WS World Record

An 18-Way record was set on the 4th attempt, Thursday 2 November, 2023 at Skydive Perris, California.  The team came back together to beat that record on attempt #3 on Saturday 4 November, 2023 with a 19-Way Women’s Wingsuit World Record*.  This jump also resulted in three other records – a Women’s Wingsuit North American Continental*, a Women’s US Open National, and a Women’s CA State record. 
(*still pending ratification by the FAI at the time of this publication.)

Women’s Wingsuit Largest Formation No Grip 19-way

Women’s WS Record No Grip but in a perfect grid
Image by Will Kitto, from video

Congratulations to the organizing team and all participants and cameraflyers!


  • Marie Clark
  • Laurel (George) Hargis
  • Keri Bell
  • Michelle Keselman
  • Kerry (Sparkles) Hartnett
  • Alina Borovika
  • Luiza Placheta
  • Shayni Couch
  • Rebecca Wu
  • Jessica Burrows
  • Amelia Dunaway
  • Kayla Cleven
  • Katie Hansen
  • Alayna Finman
  • Ivy Kwon
  • Sylvia Tozbikian
  • Trisha Maas
  • Katelyn (Compton) Escott
  • Julia Morgan
  • (18-way Nina Reid)


  • Dan Dupuis
  • Will Kitto
  • Jeff Carlucci


  • Steve Hubbard
  • Jami Pillasch
  • Alix Raymond

New Record Proposals

Concept grid demonstrating a vertical record wedge
Photo by Jeff Carlucci

Wingsuit Record Options

There are two new types of records on the docket for voting in the international arena at the FAI ISC plenary Meeting, Feb 3-4, 2024.  Vertical and Sequential record options, in addition to the current horizontal formation WS option.  The wingsuiters hope to encourage support on a global scale towards favorable voting on expanded record opportunities.

The agenda and proposal can be reviewed here (Select ISC Meetings – 2024 Orlando). Please show support as noted above, if you agree these are positive changes for wingsuiting and the sport.  

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Meet: Marie Clark

Marie Clark, wingsuit coach and organizer at Skydive Perris, Organizer of the Women's Wingsuit World Record 2023, and Co-Organizer of the biennial SheFlocks Women's Wingsuit event.

If she's not wingsuiting, she's doing CRW or keeping up freeflying in the tunnel. An Architect Mon-Fri, she finds herself at the DZ almost every weekend as her second home.

Primary Supporting Vendors: Squirrel and UPT.

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