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What’s more exciting than wingsuit load organizing?

Wingsuit load organizing at events like Chicks Rock!

Honing wingsuit skills at Chicks Rock
Photo by Dan Dupuis

The 20th anniversary of Chicks Rock at Skydive Elsinore was an absolute pleasure to be a part of and it made me think once more about how important events highlighting under-represented groups are to this sport. 

For me, after my 3rd year of Wingsuit Organizing at Chicks Rock (2018, 2019, 2021), it has been truly wonderful to witness members of the wingsuit flock grow and develop their skills from year to year. One year they are in Swifts, then the next one they’ve progressed into ATCs and Freaks. In what feels like no time, wingsuiters have transformed from working on basic levels and slot flying, to crushing sunset big-ways and slot transitions. Yaaaass!! Each year, I’ve walked away with distinct memories of skill-set breakthroughs. 

How do I possibly describe the smile that comes on the back end of someone’s first hand dock in flight? Or flying with a new group successfully, in proximity, through the whole flight? I love when a Freak and Swift send a layout, then onwards into a steep 270, and it’s nothing but smiles. 

Photo by Dan Dupuis

Boogies that celebrate women in the industry are special gems in our sport. The vendors that provide support at events like Chicks Rock, SIS, She Flocks, and others similar around the globe, throughout the year, year after year, are significant, empowering partners. I want to personally thank all of the ‘birds’ that came out from across the country (or even from around the world) to fly with me, Stephanie Baptiste and Trisha Mass.  It was so fun to fly with old friends and new friends, and we certainly are looking forward to doing it again. We had an absolute blast!

Four planes turning, raffle-raffle-raffle, multiple organizers and camera flyers for every discipline, skill-building jumps, shenanigans jumps, patch jumps (I even did an all-ladies belly Barbie jump to close the event out 🤣), community dinner, evening games, costume contest (heck yeah, Steph Baptiste, for that inter-galactic victory!), late-night siiiick dance party with MooTang… and more smiles and high fives than I could count. 

Stephanie Baptiste won the costume contest 😎
Photo by Dan Dupuis

Boogie energy is contagious (a bit of humor is ok on the backend of 2020, right?), energizing from wingsuit leading edge to tail-feather. For a boogie like Chicks Rock, that’s stood the test of time, this holds even more true. 

I’m looking forward to carrying the wingsuit excitement forward, on to She Flocks, an all-ladies wingsuit event December 3-5, 2021, at Skydive Perris. As a Co-Event Organizer, myself and Jessica Maviano (with additional LOs Val Sobol, Katie Hansen, and Kasha Farrington) are stoked that She Flocks’ 2nd year strives to be bigger and more rad than its first year in 2019. If you’re a Lady Bird looking to check She Flocks out this year or in future years, you can find more information about our events here.

But wherever you are and no matter if you can join us or not – keep training, push the limits and fly as “high” as you can!  

All in the name of FUN!
Image: Trisha Mass by Dan Dupuis
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Meet: Marie Clark

Marie Clark, wingsuit coach and organizer at Skydive Perris, Organizer of the Women's Wingsuit World Record 2023, and Co-Organizer of the biennial SheFlocks Women's Wingsuit event.

If she's not wingsuiting, she's doing CRW or keeping up freeflying in the tunnel. An Architect Mon-Fri, she finds herself at the DZ almost every weekend as her second home.

Primary Supporting Vendors: Squirrel and UPT.

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