World Record Flag Jump Challenge

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Keep your eyes peeled on Saturday, 2 October as the Cypres Demo team aim to set a world record…

Practice flag jumps for the Cypres Demo Team

The seven-person Cypres Demo team aim to jump the largest flag ever, in a spectacular event at Paderborn Airport. The whole team have been training with the flag in the national colors of Germany. It takes a huge number of people just to fold it!

Folding the flag

How big is the flag?

Well Cypres are keeping quiet on that one. We know that in 2017, the CYPRES demo team jumped the biggest flag to date with a 2,698 square meter flag in Soest. This was surpassed the following year in Dubai with 4,886 square meters. Now the jumpers are setting caution to the winds, with ‘a much larger flag’ of undisclosed size.

The flag is enormous!

After the jump, the flag will be displayed on the premises of Paderborn Airport and the measurements will be carried out, which will form the basis for the entry in the Guinness World Records book.

Cypres Demo Team jump

Sinn Watches

The event and the Cypres Demo Team are supported by Sinn watches. All of the team have equipped with Sinn instrument watches for years, to help them monitor altitude and exact position.

Releasing the flag in a training session

Follow it!

The team are onsite now making final preparations. You can follow this unique event live, starting at 11am on Saturday 2 Oct 2021. The jumping action will take place between 1pm and 3pm.


There are two livestreams on Instagram: 


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Meet: Lesley Gale

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