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Sun Path Athlete Janette Lefkowitz, from Rhythm SDC

Win a Sun Path Container!

Sun Path has given a fantastic prize for our readers!

… the chance to win a brand-new, custom-made Sun Path container. The winner can choose a Javelin Odyssey, Accuracy or Aurora, with all super-duper options included.

SunPathlete Spotlight

Sun Path is proud to sponsor numerous athletes and teams worldwide, to help them achieve their goals. We would like to showcase their talent, dedication and passion. So…

The competition is to submit a ‘SunPathlete Spotlight’, ie an interview of a Sun Path athlete or team. The best one wins a brand-new custom Sun Path container for the interviewer.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to win a gorgeous rig (please read full rules at end of article)… Just to be completely clear, the Javelin prize is for the person who does the interview – not the Sun Path sponsored athlete(s), they have already got one!

  • 1, Interview a SunPathlete team or individual – by phone, email, in person, video or audio.
  • 2, Create a ‘SUNPATHLETE SPOTLIGHT’ (athlete profile) for Skydive Mag readers.
  • 3, Email a link to your SunPathlete Spotlight to lesley@skydivemag.com by 31 October 2019.

Note, you are free to use your creativity in any desired medium. So the profile can be a written interview with photos (like this: Catching up with Shannon Pilcher), an audio recording (like this poscast: Scott Rhodes interview), a photographic story or a video (like the one below).

‘When a team becomes ONE! ‘ – Video profile of Hayabusa

Contact your Champion

The athletes will make themselves available so feel free to approach your chosen champion for an interview. The list below has some Sun Path supported teams and athletes. We have given one point of contact for each team but feel free to interview/contact any team member. There are plenty more Sun Path athletes out there. You can get in touch via Facebook, or contact Sun Path or Skydive Mag to hook you up.

Do it now!

Get in touch with your chosen athlete NOW to avoid missing out.

Plus, the first five entrants will receive some bonus Sun Path swag!

SunPathlete Team Hayabusa, by Danny Jacobs

SunPathlete Teams

  • Airbus 4 – Thomas Mack
  • Airspeed – Thiago Gomes
  • Alter Ego – Curt Bartholomew
  • Axiom –  Chris Geiler
  • Chemtrails – Adam Boggio
  • Control Tower – Logan Donovan
  • Dallas 350 – Chris Farina
  • Flight 1 – Ian Bobo
  • French Cp Team – Cedric Vega Rios
  • Golden Knights 8 – Dave Flynn
  • Hayabusa – Dennis Praet
  • Phoenix Xp – Amanda Lampton
  • Red Bull Austria – Felix Seifert
  • Revolutionary War – Josh Evens
  • Sdc Rhythm Xp – Doug Barron
  • Vega Xp – Annie Drennan

SunPathlete Jeannie Bartholomew (Alter Ego) by Alex Hart

SunPathlete Individuals

  • Alexey Galda
  • Andrew Woolfe
  • Bj Michaeli
  • Brian Cumming
  • Bruno Brokken
  • Cameron King
  • Charles Lane
  • Craig Girard
  • Damien Germano
  • Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld
  • Denise Sanders
  • Eliana Rodriguez
  • Fraser Corsan
  • Fritz Carr
  • Greg Windmiller
  • James Kunze
  • Javier Ortiz
  • Jesse Weyher
  • John D’annunzio
  • Jon Devore
  • Keith Creedy
  • Kirk Verner
  • Kristian Szczepitko
  • Lesley Gale
  • Luc Maisin
  • Macos Gonzalez
  • Maria Elena Carr
  • Mark Kruse
  • Martial Ferré
  • Melanie Curtis
  • Mike Swanson
  • Nancy Koreen
  • Neil Kuhlman
  • Omar Alhegelan
  • Regan Tetlow
  • Richard Wilkinson
  • Phil Curtis
  • Rob Delaney
  • Rook Nelson
  • Roy Janssen
  • Ruth Morrison
  • Ryan Bolohan
  • S Boyd Jr
  • Scott Robinson
  • Shauna Finley
  • Shelley Andrzejewski
  • Sven Jseppi
  • Thomas Hughes
  • Tom Johnston
  • Tom Sanders
  • Vladi Pesa
  • Waldisio Moreira Jr
  • Wez Westley
  • William Hunter
  • Zak Klutts

SunPathlete Spotlight Rules

  • The competition is open to everyone, with the exception of Sun Path Employees/Sponsored Athletes and Skydive Mag Employees.
  • The competition begins on Monday 15 July 2019 and ends on 31 October 2019. Entrants should send a link to their online submission by email using the contact form below, any time before the closing date. (You can put the entry on any mainstream sharing platform such as dropbox, google drive, etc, or simply email lesleygalewith your entry attached).
  • Readers are encouraged to send as soon as possible and keep them coming through the season. The first five entrants will receive some bonus Sun Path swag!
  • The SunPathlete Spotlight of the athlete can be presented in any medium of the entrant’s choice. For example, a written article (with photos), video submission, audio interview, even an image gallery. Articles should not be longer than 2000 words, videos no longer than 10 minutes and audio not exceed 30 minutes. Interviews can take place in person, by email, video call or whatever technology suits.
  • The winner of the Sun Path Products Gift Certificate will be the person who, in the opinion of the judges, presents the best profile of the athlete(s). Deciding factors will be; vision, understanding, originality, entertainment, presentation, artistry and, above all, giving a real insight into the athlete(s). We want to see the qualities that made them a champion, and a fresh insight into their personality.
  • The profile must include Sun Path in some way – eg, Sun Path rigs/clothing in photos, asking questions about what Sun Path sponsorship means to the athlete, video close-up of logos, etc. (But don’t go overboard, it’s about the athletes not the company.)
  • The profile must be written for the competition, it is not okay to reuse an existing interview.
  • By entering the competition, the entrant gives permission for his/her submission to be shared and reused – on a non-commercial basis, ie, not for profit. For example, publishing the profile in Skydive Mag, sharing videos on social media, or sending as an article to skydiving magazines.
  • Only one entry per person (interviewer) will be accepted, although an athlete (interviewee) can be featured in more than one Spotlight entry.
  • The judges will be Pat Thomas (Sun Path CEO), Rob Kendall (Sun Path European Rep) and Lesley Gale (Publisher, Skydive Mag). Their decision is final.
  • The winner will receive a Sun Path Products Gift Certificate, for 100% off a Javelin Odyssey, Javelin Accuracy or Javelin Aurora harness container system with all premium options. The order must be placed through Sun Path products, surrendering the certificate with the order. The prize is not transferable and has no cash value. (But it is worth over $3,000!)
  • The winner should be happy to engage in publicity activities, such as posing for social media photos with their new Sun Path container.

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