Calamity Wingsuit

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Garrett Mullen shares his malfunction video, and explains what he did wrong, so others can learn…

Wingsuit double malfunction

Would you still skydive after watching this? 😱😱

Posted by FailArmy on Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Sooo I know I made SO many mistakes on this jump! This happened when I was still pretty fresh on bigger wingsuits. I put this footage up so others may learn from my mistakes.

After pulling lower than my designated pull altitude, I experienced a main parachute malfunction, in which I encountered several line twists.

Instead of immediately fixing my malfunction and manipulating my risers for heading control, I chose to ignore my training and instead adopt a fellow jumper’s questionable emergency procedures in which you release your legs from the leg wing first and then attempt to kick out of the line twists.


I ended up releasing only one leg while the other was still left inside the wing. This caused the right side of my leg wing to inflate unevenly which caused me to spin up even more line twists.

I end up cutting away and deploying my reserve parachute while still spinning on my back which causes my reserve parachute to open into more line twists.

Luckily I clear the line twists in time and land uneventfully near a warehouse.

I’ve learned a lot since then.

The takeaway

Stick to the emergency procedures (EPs) you were taught and practice/visualise your EPs so they are second nature.

Article by Garrett Mullen

Video licenced by Jukin Media posted by Fail Army

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Meet: Garrett Mullen

Garrett Mullen, D-36880, is full time Client Services Associate for a leading finance and accounting consulting firm, part-time shredder and a multidisciplinary air sports athlete: skydiver, BASE jumper, and speed-wing pilot.

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