Rhythm How-to: Landing Flare

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Explaining the flare in a really simple way – really useful for newer skydivers

Tips for Landing

  • Always start your flare under a level wing
  • Keep your arms up until it’s time to flare
  • Start the flare at 12-15 feet
  • Look forward not down at the ground
  • Dial in the flaring height by taking references
  • Do a 2-stage flare
  • Stage 1, pull the toggles until the canopy is level just above the ground
  • Stage 2, continue pulling gently on the toggles to extend the flare
  • Don’t touch down too early – let the parachute shut down
  • Lean forward

More Education

Image by Norman Kent

More education at rhythmskydiving.com

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Meet: Steve Lefkowitz

Steve Lefkowitz has been jumping since 2005 and has more than 12,000 skydives. He is a founding member of SDC Rhythm XP, one of the highest-rated FS 4way teams in the world and gold medalists in Open Class at the 2019 USPA Nationals. Along the way, Steve has contributed enormously to the sport, whether it be the prodigious amount of top-shelf coaching with which he has leveled up the skydivers who come to him, or through the technological means, he has co-innovated to spread good information even further.

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