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Epic WS flight by Squeeezeer


Gainer, Cork to Treegate

Here is a throwback from summer when the weather was unstable and I was hiding in the Lauterbrunnen valley. Gainer, cork to treegate. Now I have many ideas how to step this up and make it even more creative. Make this summer come up fast because I’m already ready for it!


The way I nailed this jump was through doing multiple gainers from different exits. After that I dialed in my corks through out the season very well I wanted to do something like this. Combine aerial stuff. I went back to Via Ferrara and started hucking gainers when I was 100% confident pulling them off properly. After that I did gainer and a cork straight out in the valley. After practicing multiple subterminal corks I put up a few reference points at the wall to fly into the desirable gate down on the lower ledge. After hitting that gate time, after time, after time I was doing gainer -> treegate multiple times. I would huck a gainer and take the cork progressively towards the wall. After multiple of tries it starting to feel natural and I built up a good feel of it and that’s when I started going gainer->cork->gate. After 3 attempts I got it just right as I wanted to and this is the result. With the right and legit progression into this kind of jump you can pull it off.

Remember that if you ever go for that lower ledge, you will end up low. And you have to flare to get up to a higher pull zone. Enjoy! 

Anton Squeezer

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