Foundations of Flight: KITING

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Kiting – flying your canopy on the ground – is a great way to learn more about how your parachute responds to control input

Video by Axis Flight School

Instructions for kiting

  • Laying out the canopy
  • Releasing the brake toggles
  • Front risers in one hand, back risers in the other
  • Filling the canopy with air
  • Launching
  • Flying
  • Tricks

Meet: Niklas Daniel

I run Axis Flight School, we offer skydiving and tunnel coaching of all kinds for all levels, based out of Skydive Arizona.

I love skydiving, love flying, love coaching, and I want to share my enthusiasm of the sport with you! Whether you want to work on canopy, fly in the tunnel, or polish your freefall skills: I have the tools and coaching methods for you.

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