CYPRES How-to Videos

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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about CYPRES and how to operate it…

AXIS Flight School deep dives the use and technical specs of CYPRES AADs in this 11 part video series, listed below:

  1. What is an AAD?
  2. Switching on and off
  3. CYPRES models
  4. Changing modes
  5. Changing scale
  6. Set Activation Altitude
  7. DZ Offset
  8. Unit information
  9. Traveling with a rig
  10. AAD Info for Pilots
  11. Cutter Stress Test

1. What is an AAD?

What is an AAD, what are the components and how does it work?

2. Switching on and off

How to switch the unit on and off. Self-test and calibration. Error codes and what they mean. Troubleshooting. Recommended service dates. When to reset the unit.

3. CYPRES Models

Defining various Cypres Models and their operating parameters.

  • Expert Cypres
  • Speed Cypres
  • Student Cypres
  • Tandem Cypres
  • Wing Suit Cypres (WSC)
  • C-Mode (Changeable)

4. Changing Modes

How to change the modes on the C-Model CYPRES

5. Changing scale

How to change from meters to feet and vice-versa. Demonstration.

6. Set Activation Altitude

Reasons for changing activation altitude. How to reset. Overview of A 1 – A9. Considerations. Demonstration.

USPA Skydiving Information Manual Minimum Opening Altitudes

7. DZ Offset

Applying an offset, because the your landing zone is at a different elevation to the take-off area. Demonstration.

8. Unit information

Viewing the CYPRES unit’s information. Demonstration

9. Traveling with a rig

Travel information. Options and Considerations. Communicating with TSA.

  • CYPRES Travel documents here
  • X Ray card here

10. AAD Info for Pilots

Pilot Considerations. Take off & Climb. Descent & Landing. Pressurized Cabins. Landing with jumpers on board

  • CYPRES Graphic for pilots here
  • USPA Info for Jump Pilots here

11. CYPRES Cutter Stress Test

Nik and Brianne stress test a bunch of Cypres cutters to see what they can cut through at AXIS HQ. Special thanks to David Cherry of D-Squared for the edit!

For more tutorials and fun videos, check out the AXIS YouTube Channel and subscribe.

Download CYPRES Manuals here

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