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Breathtaking scenes and fascinating stories told by legendary athletes, sky professionals, and founders of extreme airspace disciplines…

Above the Ground Trailer

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Breathtaking scenes and fascinating stories told by legendary athletes, sky professionals, and founders of extreme airspace disciplines.Support our team, send this link to your friends and it will help our project to fly around the world.

Dedicated to my heavenly daughter, Nicole Cheresh. In October of 2018 a group of extreme sports enthusiasts decided to unite and create a story about the sport in which they “found” themselves. This story is about the human passion for air space, the excellence of the human body and its abilities, all of which is driven by courage and blood.

The evolution of parachuting has made tremendous progress since the early 1990s. Individuals whom devoted their lives to the sport made the first documentary about the many parachuting disciplines. They explained their philosophy of life, fear, and why they continue to indulge despite the imminent danger, injuries, devastating losses of their loved ones, and the potential that they may never return home to those that love them.Through exploring the real-time thoughts rushing through the human brain before, during, and after flight, this film allows the viewer to see the possibilities for these sports to radically change people’s lives for the better.

We dug deep to explore the mid-air thought process that keeps these pilots alive when plans change. Parachuting, spiritual in nature, is especially unique because it required each athlete to maintain safety for themselves and for their fellow pilots whom share the air. Humans, by nature, have a self-preservation instinct. Many fear we will act as our own barriers to the achievement of our desires, goals, and dreams. As soon as we overcome these fears, doors to new opportunities and horizons will open. Sometimes, though not aware, we are afraid of fears that exist only in our minds. For many, the passion for parachuting is just one of the tools to overcome these fears. Breaking down these perceived barriers creates a catalyst to freedom through an influx of inspiration.

One of the goals of this project is to prevent the next generation of extreme sport enthusiasts from making the critical mistakes that were made by those before them. During the filming process, seven beautiful souls left us and found a new existence in a better world.Creating awareness helps develop healthy precautions in the decisions for which your future existence depends.

Vitaly Cheresh – Filmmaker and Producer

Above the Ground


  • Writer-Directors: SKYOGI PRODUCTIONS
  • Filmmaker: Vitaly Cheresh
  • Producers: Vitaly Cheresh, Ruslan Vitryanyuk
  • DoP: SKYOGI PRODUCTIONS, Jan Verhaeren
  • Creative Designers: Karen Oidat, Dim Borisov, Marina Malvina Line Producer: Denis Gogol
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Meet: Vitaly Cheresh

Vitaly Cheresh is a Skydiver, Base jumper,
Cinematographer. Vitaly had lost 13 friends within his flying
One day he came up with an idea, to leave a history of all
of them, who dedicates their lives to aerial extreme sports
activities. He decided, that in case of his death, he will have
at least something to leave behind him for his 8 y.o. daughter
Nicole, who is living in a different country.
He started to organize a team, to make it happened in 2018.
By this time, the project Above The Ground is filmed, more
than 200 people were involved in the shooting.
He hopes, this project will aware of the upcoming generation to
be safer. He wants to share the sky, the knowledge of people,
who faced their friend’s loss, who faced accidents, survived,
and have something to share with the world.
While filming the movie, Vitaly met his wife Karyna, who
was so passionate about the sky, even before they met. He
started feeling himself the same feelings when his wife was
jumping, that his friends, mother were feeling when he was
performing the most dangerous disciplines in aerial extreme
sports activities.

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