Author name: Martial Ferre

Martial is an elite FS skydiver with many gold medals in European 4 & 8-way Championships and Gold medalist in the 2002 8-way World Cup. He recently won a silver medal at the first indoor 8-way World Meet in 2019 and posted a new indoor world record with his team with a 44 pointer (47-3). Martial is still competing every year with his different teams at French indoor nationals or US indoor nationals. He is a full time tunnel and skydiving coach working with 8-way teams, organises at outdoor events with P3 as a P3 Captain for big-ways or a Powerplay coach alongside with DanBC, Doug Forth and Craig Girard. He is also running invitational 16-ways events through Europe (Powergames, Klatovy Challenge and Powerflower). Martial organised the French national record - 104-way.

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